SCUSD’s Overblown Salaries (2015 Figures)

shockedThere are One Thousand, One Hundred, and Thirty-One (1131) educators making 6-figure salaries within Sacramento City Unified School District.  There are One Thousand, One Hundred, and Ninety-One (1191) additional educators making over $70K.  Another Eight-Hundred and Fifty (850) make $50K or more.  The rest are mostly part-timers, teacher’s aides, substitute teachers, and the like.  These are only the 2015 figures.

Keep in mind that the majority of these people are making these already-overblown salaries for only working 8 to 9 months out of the year.

My favorite part is how many of the teachers-cum-administrators treat the taxpayers who pay their salaries, and my second-favorite thing is how they have (via the media) convinced most people that they are so terribly underpaid.

Please take a closer look at your tax dollars at work, as those whose names appear below are only a few of those who are grossly overpaid.

Rebecca A Bryant Director III, Special Ed 171425.64
James P Rost Teacher, High School 170061.91
Richard J Buesgen Teacher, ROTC 168453.93
Christine D Anjo Occupational Therapist 153908.49
Robert W Richardson Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 147181.24
Claudia R Hanger Occupational Therapist 146112.35
Lesa A Hertel Teacher, Elementary 142118.69
Philip H Sanborn Teacher, ROTC 140718.62
Sarah L Taylor Teacher, High School 136524.19
Clayton Dagler Teacher, High School 136207.34
Shao Xiong Teacher, Elementary 133317.03
Teresa Fox School Nurse 133076.15
Linda Kawahara-Matsuo Supervisor, Special Education 132075.78
Randy G Johnson Teacher, Middle School 131979.17
Scott A Chase Teacher, Elementary 131827.11
Nancy L Edwards Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 131728.07
James P Mamola Teacher, High School, Contin. 131376.75
Charles L Mundorff Teacher, ROTC 130990.47
Margaret-Ann M Vansoest-Russell Teacher, Elementary 130982.84
Nho Le-Hinds School Nurse 130087.47
Diana L Cerezo Teacher, K-8 129907.4
Kirk E Arnoldy Teacher, High School 129388.58
Lori A Thomas Teacher, Elementary 128250.04
Stacey R Caldwell Teacher, Elementary 127900.75
Anita D Caulk Teacher, High School 127821.13
Char L Feagins Teacher, K-8 127766.13
Edward P Fedor Teacher, ROTC 127239.07
Aart De Waard Teacher, High School 127095.45
Kathleen B Skelly Teacher, Elementary 126412.05
Teresa C Barnett Teacher, High School 126041.32
Teri Ha Teacher, Elementary 125979.15
John F King Teacher, Spec Ed 125966.58
Dylan Besk Teacher, High School 125847.98
Julia J Morris Teacher, Middle School 125845.17
Theresa A Philipps Teacher, Middle School 125838.65
Linda Mangum Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 125770.53
Kevin T Eldridge Counselor, Middle School 125689.24
Jill A Durbin Teacher, Elementary 125590.21
Terri L Brandt Teacher, Middle School 125521.72
Donna L Zahniser Teacher, Elementary 125506.24
Lucinda Burge Teacher, Elementary 125297.25
Robert H Fong Teacher, Middle School 125248.56
Lonnelle K Martin Teacher, Middle School 125224.49
Tamalee H Fien Program Specialist, Special Ed 125191.73
David J Drotts Counselor, High School 125132.4
Emma L Cu Teacher, Elementary 125091.34
David E Dayton Teacher, Elementary 124897.28
Joanna L Abbott School Psychologist 124812.32
Crystell A Nishizaki Teacher, High School 124800.56
Robert B Lessler Counselor, Middle School 124796
Jane W Fricke Teacher, High School 124765.75
Terri A Kitowski Teacher, Elementary 124661.1
Denise M Mcadams Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 124589.53
Shawn E D’Alesandro Teacher, Middle School 124587.64
Valerie J Alens Teacher, Elementary 124490.77
Steven J Bruno Database Administrator 124466.87
Debra B Konvalin Teacher, High School 124465.46
Samuel A Brewer Teacher, Elementary 124411.08
Marc J Marmorstein Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 124400.97
Betsy A Ronsheimer Teacher, Elementary 124382.75
David T Parsh Teacher, High School 124332.11
Kari L Zimny Teacher, Traveling Music 124325.2
Michael D Hotell Teacher, High School 124318.83
Tan C Tung School Nurse 124302.66
Daniel E Gatten Teacher, High School 124129.75
Michael A Mullen Teacher, Elementary 124078.9
Sharon A Schoenfeld Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 124033.83
Judy Nishimura Tanaka Teacher, K-8 124010.13
Cory M Fukuoka Teacher, High School 123982.01
Linda F Stump Teacher, Elementary 123947.41
Amy E Ronsheimer Tchr, Resource, P/Prsch Adult 123879.38
Christie K Wells-Artman Principal, Elementary School 123807.01
Jennifer Reynaga Teacher, High School 123537.47
Dawn M Student Teacher, Elementary 123483.42
Jody E Bone Teacher, Elementary 123439.7
Janice L Olson Teacher, Middle School 123359.63
Caryn L Vanwormer Teacher, Elementary 123344.55
Judy Y Lee Teacher, Elementary 123170.83
Barbara E Auld Teacher, Elementary 123170.75
Denise M Ayeni Teacher, Elementary 123163.29
Annis C Der Teacher, Elementary 123034.3
Beatrice M Laguana Teacher, Elementary 122999.94
Elliot A Gonsalves Teacher, High School 122895.98
Marie A Hill Teacher, Spec Ed 122847.07
Linda R Woodfork Teacher, Elementary 122706.76
Rebecca Dehr Teacher, Parent/Preschool Ed 122704.44
Helen J Nevins Teacher, K-8 122652.57
Cindy Van Beek Teacher, K-8 122652.57
Cynthia J Eberle Teacher, Elementary 122630.97
John S Wong Teacher, High School 122591.38
Mark H Areson Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 122591.38
Jennifer L Mamola Teacher, High School 122548.18
Paul J Myers Teacher, Elementary 122533.45
Nicole Milevsky Teacher, Unassigned 122510.22
Elaine Tom Teacher, Middle School 122497.63
Rosanne M Cherry Teacher, Elementary 122427.36
Ann W Kester Lang. Speech & Hearing Speclst 122412.98
Eric O Arnett Teacher, Spec Ed 122412.98
Jerald A Glaviano Teacher, High School 122412.87
Robert Feickert Teacher, High School 122341.56
Drew Gardner Teacher, Elementary 122294.87
Terri L Meyer Teacher, Spec Ed 122241.11
Vanessa Buitrago-Galvis Supervisor, Special Education 122240.79
Pamela J Buric Teacher, High School 122228.32
Rae S Odekirk Teacher, Spec Ed 122079.33
Mary E Carter Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 122066.47
Rebecca Weinert Teacher, Elementary 122064.5
Janice Bender Teacher, Elementary 122028.86
Susan A Bowers Teacher, Child Development 121969.16
Rebecca Kurtulus Teacher, Elementary 121817.07
Helen Mcpherrin Dadmehr School Psychologist 121792.26
Tarik A Mc Fall Asst Prncpl, Supt Prty(Mid) 121791.93
Martha H Axup Teacher, Elementary 121619.36
Emelina D Emaas Teacher, High School 121600.07
Charles B Ewing Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 121553.94
Michael D Pickering Teacher, Elementary 121431.53
Wendy J Money Teacher, Elementary 121321.58
Teanne Greenlee-Davis Teacher, K-8 121296.23
Sharon B Sommer Teacher, Elementary 121254.35
Shelly L Guild Teacher, Spec Ed 121111.64
Kelli M Whitten Teacher, Middle School 121099.7
Peggie Clapper Teacher, Middle School 121097.01
Theresa F Jang-Hefner Teacher, Elementary 120849.24
Richard N Pauly Teacher, High School 120767.78
Susan K Richardson Teacher, Elementary 120352.03
Jan M Arai-Phillips Teacher, Elementary 120241.6
Bradley W Klopp Counselor, High School 120211.96
John P Watters Teacher, Middle School 120166.12
Kerin S Butterfield Teacher, Middle School 120070.69
Sylvia C Gonzalez Teacher, Elementary 120046.83
Cynthia L Day-Galvez Teacher, Elementary 119972.32
Victoria L Hatley-Hart Teacher, K-8 119967.72
Jhanis West-Magana Teacher, Elementary 119904.48
Dana P Flaten Teacher, K-8 119889.36
Sandra J Allen Teacher, K-8 119876.77
Julie E Walters Teacher, Elementary 119825.19
Robert M Iliff Teacher, Elementary 119813.95
Terry L Marks Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 119793.88
Carolyn A Raber Teacher, Middle School 119734.23
Johanna M Kirkman Teacher, Elementary 119733.07
Judith K Martineau Teacher, Spec Ed 119568.23
Christine Chavez Teacher, Middle School 119567.16
Steven C Bails Teacher, K-8 119494.5
Janet L Egidi Teacher, High School 119439.6
Richard S Draeger Teacher, High School 119334.77
Dee W Robbins Teacher, High School 119334.77
Ruth Carnie Teacher, Spec Ed 119334.77
Heidii K Sanchez Teacher, Spec Ed 119290.44
Gurbinder K Mann Teacher, Spec Ed 119223.84
Ia Elizabeth Lee-Her Teacher, Elementary 119106.46
John J Yokay Teacher, Middle School 119077.4
George H Young Teacher, Elementary 119065.46
George Otiono Teacher, High School, Contin. 119060.92
Dana Romo Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 119058.93
Jeri L Chase-Ducray Program Specialist, Special Ed 118983.33
Kelle Marshall Teacher, Elementary 118980.87
Debra J Bonilla Teacher, Elementary 118915.69
Linda H Hatamiya Teacher, High School 118911.23
Robyn T Andreotti Teacher, Elementary 118871.84
Kenneth A Davis Teacher, High School 118792.06
Juan Perez School Social Worker 118765.22
Sandra Sanahmadi Teacher, Elementary 118685.94
Ellen Mahan Teacher, Parent/Preschool Ed 118654.23
Holga C Olivares Teacher, K-8 118623.59
Neil T Norman Counselor, High School 118610.5
Paul Belluomini Teacher, High School 118594.69
Thellis E Panacek School Nurse 118591.31
Julie Y Gutierrez Teacher, Elementary 118583.39
Peter Goul Teacher, Elementary 118543.26
Amy S Thunen Teacher, Middle School 118523.91
Sandra Enriquez Teacher, Elementary 118499.15
Jeanette J Schroeder Training Specialist 118494.2
Rosa Corona-Pasqua Teacher, Elementary 118341.39
Valerie T Willover School Social Worker 118336.32
Ben D Gravitz Teacher, High School 118327.33
Karen L Tomczak Teacher, High School 118263.61
Theresa J Perez Tchr, Resource, P/Prsch Adult 118201.19
Cynthia F Currier Teacher, High School 118182.02
Charles J Eiers Teacher, Elementary 118158.09
Carla J Randazzo Teacher, Elementary 118096.44
Mary Ann Bourgeois School Psychologist 118089.04
Katherine A Stoddard School Psychologist 118089.04
Christine Nowack Teacher, K-8 118077.45
Selicia Fletcher Behav Intrvn SP Spec Ed Dept 118060.02
David M Allen Teacher, High School 118056.72
Kyle K Ly Teacher, Elementary 118041.2
Renee S Michel Teacher, Elementary 117963.88
Joua Y Vang Teacher, K-8 117955.98
Christina A Plessas Librarian, Middle School 117851.95
Kimberly S Shaffer Counselor, Middle School 117851.95
Jonathan Andrew Teacher, Spec Ed 117839.14
Lucy M Silveira-Godegast Teacher, Elementary 117818.09
Emre J Remeta Teacher, Elementary 117788.53
Chinh N Lieu Teacher, Elementary 117632.34
Maryangela S Pantages Teacher, Elementary 117625.82
Robert Lundstrom Teacher, Elementary 117620.61
Richard A Marcroft Teacher, High School 117613.47
Susan L Johnson Teacher, Elementary 117570.58
Kerri J Seid Teacher, Elementary 117521.2
Paul Lee Lang. Speech & Hearing Speclst 117511.8
Jacqueline M Rodriguez Coord II, Student Support Srvc 117434.13
Dana M Dusbiber Teacher, K-8 117378.13
Margaret K Myers Teacher, Elementary 117362.26
Lisa J Hill Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 117306.39
Sami K Nakao Teacher, Elementary 117286.1
Sandra Naranjo Teacher, Elementary 117194.66
Jenny H Nguyen Teacher, Elementary 117124.31
Faith M Johnson Teacher, Elementary 116958.32
Gang Yang Teacher, Elementary 116937.31
Lily Stanley Teacher, Elementary 116888.57
Carol A Boyce Teacher, Resource 116793.37
Dee De Jesus Teacher, K-8 116786.38
Eric D Malme Teacher, High School 116730.63
Carolyn D Mcdonnell Teacher, Elementary 116605.76
Angela N Scripa Teacher, Middle School 116579.65
Mariamelia Badoza Teacher, High School 116540.73
Kelly Anne Clarke Teacher, Elementary 116537.45
Sheilah M O’Hara Teacher, Middle School 116444.81
Thomas Carson Teacher, High School 116417.69
Mica Brown Teacher, High School 116389.53
Lor H Xiong Teacher, Elementary 116304.21
Laurie Kojima-Black Teacher, Elementary 116303.11
Jason J Yuen Teacher, Elementary 116257.09
Victoria J Stolinski Teacher, High School 116245.74
Enrique Valladares Teacher, Elementary 116194.89
Bridget A Martinez Teacher, High School 116082.47
Catherine A Stidger Teacher, Spec Ed 116072.57
Vivian E Chung Teacher, Elementary 116054.04
Brian R Barrick Teacher, Middle School 116037.54
Souchoy Saechou Teacher, Elementary 116008.91
Maria Felisa V Aguilar Teacher, Middle School 115942.21
Lourdes Godinez Teacher, Elementary 115939.64
Christopher J Whetstone Teacher, K-8 115938.14
Elizabeth E Lourence Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 115859.83
Maria D Lomboy Teacher, Spec Ed 115842.82
Deborah A Rico Teacher, Elementary 115814.5
Tony Whitehead Counselor, High School 115787.52
Patricia Juarez Teacher, Middle School 115784.86
John J Heffernan Teacher, High School 115750.88
Daniel J Rule Teacher, Elementary 115737.69
Rebecca Siegert Teacher, High School 115677.22
Kang Baros Teacher, Elementary 115644.78
Alan R Hill Teacher, Elementary 115624.82
George T Kastanis Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 115580.17
Natalie T Bazett Teacher, Elementary 115541.45
Daisy T Piatt Teacher, Middle School 115519.51
Rebecca S Icarro Teacher, Spec Ed 115513.82
Alphonso J Powell Asst Principal, Supt Pr Sch K8 115501.66
Karen Mc Clain Teacher, Elementary 115490.91
John F Gullans Teacher, High School 115456.41
Ingrid J Royal Teacher, Spec Ed 115449.79
Joann Le Teacher, Elementary 115449.08
Robin E Broadhurst-Ward Teacher, Elementary 115449.04
Aprille L Shafto Principal, Elementary School 115425.09
Eric M Kinunen Teacher, Elementary 115408.76
Kristina J Halvorsen Teacher, Elementary 115383.75
Gloria Chung Smith Budget Analyst 115381.07
Karen L Harris Teacher, Elementary 115358.23
Grant D Carboni Librarian, Middle School 115330.93
Phyllis Wendt Teacher, Elementary 115325.59
Cynthia E Lee Teacher, Elementary 115323.6
Sally J Weisbecker Teacher, Elementary 115312.9
Susan B Jansen Teacher, Middle School 115270.07
Marie T Rodriguez Teacher, Middle School 115269.41
Michael L Howell Teacher, Elementary 115249.13
Kimberly E Slaughter Teacher, Elementary 115247.2
Cristin K Tahara-Martin Principal, Middle School 115194.33
Regina M Cresci Teacher, Elementary 115189.67
Linda Melvin-Schueler Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 115183.84
Monica D Mc Rho Program Coordinator, Homeless 115135.47
Thomas W Fleming Teacher, Elementary 115082.52
Terrie L Mallicoat Teacher, Spec Ed 115058.52
Gary A Kretzschmar Teacher, Middle School 115056.35
Theresa T Achondo Teacher, Elementary 115050.37
Yasmin Henry Teacher, Middle School 115049.67
Marie E Nolen Teacher, Elementary 115046.18
Holly A Jaeger School Psychologist 115032.43
Laura J Nann Teacher, K-8 115020.84
Martin H Young School Psychologist 115003.97
Judy A Ogden Teacher, Elementary 115001.67
Jane C Valdez Teacher, Middle School 114962.08
Catherine F Miura-Glen Teacher, K-8 114911.99
Maureen T Barnett Teacher, Middle School 114911.94
Kia K Vang Teacher, Elementary 114895.59
Kari A Brunson Teacher, Elementary 114876.65
Monroe A Howard-Shackelford Coor II, Youth Srvc 114849.05
Nanci D Rose Site Instruction Coordinator 114796.11
Thomas B Halpine Teacher, High School 114792.55
Rosa M Marquez-Ceballos Teacher, Elementary 114780.39
Patricia L Ryan Teacher, Spec Ed 114778.66
Kenneth L Harris Teacher, Middle School 114778.66
Clinton J Bodene Teacher, High School 114774.6
David R Becker Teacher, Middle School 114762.08
Linda K Qutami Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 114758.64
Julie P Caldwell Teacher, Elementary 114704.4
Maria G Reyes Teacher, K-8 114617.26
John C Fleming Teacher, High School 114586.13
David J Fisher Teacher, Unassigned 114584.55
Mabel Gee Teacher, K-8 114521.38
Peter Batkin Teacher, Middle School 114513.94
Daniel M Sanchez Mgr II, Purchasing Svcs 114512.64
Christine Mohatt Teacher, Elementary 114510.1
Kabee Lee Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 114492.48
Shannon N Henry Principal, Elementary School 114491.49
Vince A Wolfe Prncpl, New Innovative Sm HS 114481.67
Marcia A Gilroy-Taylor Teacher, Middle School 114479.24
Michelle C Goodwin Teacher, Elementary 114466.64
Ted T Richardson Teacher, Elementary 114450.36
Dan Bunz Teacher, Middle School 114391.83
Karen M Hook Teacher, Spec Ed 114369.94
Robbin D Durfee Teacher, Elementary 114351.06
Patricia Tran Teacher, Elementary 114344.57
Andrew C O’Neil Teacher, High School 114309.1
Leticia G Bucio Asst Prncpl,Supt Prty(High) 114270.23
Holly E Hein Teacher, Elementary 114259.8
Michael Orvedahl Teacher, Elementary 114259.21
Linda S Chastain Transportation Fleet Spclst 114249.79
Nina Delgadillo Manager II, School Safety 114248.15
Lay K Tri Teacher, Elementary 114195.43
Tiffany A Willard Teacher, Elementary 114178.62
Marni S Miura-Gilbert Teacher, Resource 114153.57
Michael E Salman Principal, Ind Study/At Risk 114114.43
Beverly Nowak Teacher, Elementary 114077.3
Shaun M Peters Teacher, Elementary 114042.61
Tiffany N Wilson Asst Prncpl,Supt Prty (Elem) 114041.94
Larry J Hopper Teacher, Middle School 114036.26
Christy Fung Teacher, Elementary 114034.33
Fay H Coleman Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 114007.96
Rosalinda Valencia Teacher, Elementary 113973.37
Katrina B Ramos Teacher, Elementary 113961.85
Pamela M Reeder-Esparza Counselor, High School 113922.86
Lokesh K Prashar Teacher, High School 113915.86
Christylee Nyland Lang. Speech & Hearing Speclst 113913.25
Anna Marie R Mestidio Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 113878.96
Nicole J Quinn Training Specialist 113873.01
Charlotte E Herrington Teacher, High School, Contin. 113850.81
Carole L Magnusson Teacher, High School 113838.19
Anita Carapiet Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 113831.01
Gavin Williams Teacher, High School 113825.04
Johnetta N Webb Program Specialist, Special Ed 113800.73
Martine L Lozano Teacher, Elementary 113795.84
Dana L Jenks Teacher, High School 113762.38
Shana Just Teacher, High School 113705.52
Vicki J Wasson Coord. Child Devl Programs 113638.58
Chai Saechao Teacher, Elementary 113613.12
Sophia Yue Teacher, Elementary 113607.65
Trinisha D Turturici Assistant Principal, Elem Sch 113593.28
Kari L Lasalle Training Specialist 113578.01
Ann E Sullivan Teacher, Elementary 113563.65
Tenley Lechner-Luke Principal, Elementary School 113529.42
Thomas E Jones Teacher, ROTC 113525.25
Patricia Arellano Teacher, Elementary 113442.96
Jed D Larsen Teacher, Middle School 113421.34
George R Ribet Teacher, Elementary 113410.57
Elaine M Stallworth Teacher, Elementary 113329.92
Terry Tsunemoto-Ikegami Teacher, Elementary 113296
Mercedes Campa-Rodriguez Teacher, Elementary 113235.24
Saralyn A Manning Taormina Counselor, High School 113228.07
Mary E Alexander Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 113207.41
Martha Seuthe Teacher, High School 113170.44
Jeffie L Vogt Program Specialist, Special Ed 113059.21
Sara C Pieschl School Psychologist 113018.32
Rosalie L Nugent Teacher, Parent/Preschool Ed 112964.12
Yvonne M Martinez Teacher, Spec Ed 112957.75
Maria C Tait Teacher, High School 112936.87
Aaron L Mcclatchy Teacher, Spec Ed 112929.52
Diana M Swearer Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 112885.5
David E Carson Teacher, Middle School 112882.6
Cindee Stewart Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 112870.7
Harry S Bray Teacher, Elementary 112861.17
Kevin L Hubble Teacher, Elementary 112856.86
William S Maddox Teacher, High School 112848.44
Karen E Butterfield Teacher, K-8 112841.66
Edward R Amundson Teacher, Spec Ed 112840.54
Mark P Davis Teacher, Middle School 112833.89
Stephanie J Berry Teacher, Elementary 112821.94
Felicia I Thomas-Hill Asst Principal, Supt Pr Sch K8 112813.37
Richard M Willett Teacher, Elementary 112811.27
Sylvia T Silva Principal, Elem/Charter Schl 112784.1
Carmen Hernandez Teacher, K-8 112728.99
Deborah S Ledbetter Teacher, Middle School 112723.77
Rhonda Pommells Teacher, K-8 112688.44
Deanna M Hose Teacher, Elementary 112688.44
Dianne L Brown Grant Writer 112667.37
Rosario C Arcona Teacher, Elementary 112533.71
Teri A Kirtlan Teacher, Elementary 112517.85
Kimberly Freeman Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 112516.18
Brian Crawford Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 112516.18
Suzanne S Auchterlonie School Nurse 112506.03
Teresa A Merkley Teacher, Elementary 112498.23
Michelle Ward-Morlan Teacher, Spec Ed 112488
Thomas J Bauser Teacher, High School 112475.19
Senta Agnello-Shelton Teacher, Middle School 112460.89
Kean O Yeoh Teacher, High School 112423.15
Frederick O Lund Teacher, Elementary 112411.1
Gabriel M Ramirez Teacher, Elementary 112207.98
Pamela L Ferko Teacher, Elementary 112195
Donna J Baca-Kaiser Teacher, High School 112184.7
Roxanne H Wolfe Teacher, Middle School 112164.85
Claudia S Coletta Counselor, High School 112139.7
Heather Bunney Teacher, Elementary 112117.73
Mark E Bergeron Teacher, Elementary 112081.72
Benerisa Perez Teacher, Elementary 112070.53
Doreen E Beyer School Nurse 112056.34
Michele Lamb Rossi Teacher, Elementary 112037.79
Kristi L Policar Teacher, Spec Ed 112023.19
Philip Hopkins Teacher, High School 111997.17
Terence Burke Teacher, Spec Ed 111991.85
Amy A Hernandez-Smith Teacher, Elementary 111982.22
Angela L Francis Teacher, Elementary 111975.13
Arlette B Garcia Teacher, Elementary 111952.28
Prabhjot K Rai Teacher, Middle School 111933.43
Meuy C Saeteurn Teacher, Middle School 111929.24
Belinda S Bridgewater Principal, Elementary School 111883.79
Christine M Helweh Teacher, Middle School 111850.98
Anuja Ramil Teacher, Elementary 111850.71
Maria I Tsousis Teacher, High School 111843.21
Kelli N Marang Teacher, K-8 111810.39
Marty W Vinson Painter 111774.58
Carrie E Meagher Relles Teacher, Elementary 111735.61
Moua P Yang Teacher, Elementary 111680.45
Olivia O Winslow Teacher, Elementary 111676.96
Kaunsausha J Monteiro Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 111649.5
Brian R Laird Teacher, High School 111619.18
William J Maxwell Teacher, High School 111619.18
Joyce M O’Keefe Teacher, Elementary 111616.84
Veronica Y Munoz Teacher, Elementary 111613.76
William Alex White Teacher, Elementary 111597.58
Steven B Larson Teacher, K-8 111597.58
Kimberly R Teague Contract Specialist 111583.97
Diana M Seeman School Psychologist 111520.76
Ethel A Cleavenger-Artz Teacher, Elementary 111495.57
Candace Saxton Teacher, Elementary 111465.83
Kyle M Heckey Teacher, Middle School 111450.46
Shawna C Placido Teacher, High School 111438.3
Tascha D Weatherall Teacher, K-8 111430.79
Leslie G Stanton Teacher, Spec Ed 111407.92
Christina R Allison Site Instruction Coordinator 111403.91
Michelle S Peters Teacher, Spec Ed 111403.38
Karla K Smith Teacher, High School 111403.27
Lisa Friend Program Specialist, Special Ed 111392.93
Maria I Govea Principal, Elementary School 111377.68
Mauro Galatolo Teacher, Elementary 111281.99
Karla K Kim Hankins Teacher, Middle School 111273.52
Steven Peterson Teacher, Elementary 111258.15
David R Celeste Teacher, Elementary 111255.83
Jennifer Cook Teacher, High School 111237.53
Sukhbinder K Maharaj Teacher, K-8 111228.42
Vicki H Pike Teacher, Elementary 111223.59
Charles A Beall Teacher, High School 111211.52
Alan D Cox Teacher, Elementary 111197.49
Nicole D Cortez Teacher, Elementary 111187.56
Alicia Chavez Teacher, Elementary 111154.68
Amy R Montez Teacher, Elementary 111149.28
Sally Evey Tchr, Resource, P/Prsch Adult 111054.02
Steven M Boettner Teacher, High School 111040.14
Robert J Batten Teacher, Elementary 111019.14
Ma Judith S Lladoc Teacher, High School 111016.14
Sandia S Gilliam Teacher, Middle School 111009.04
Michael J Fry Assistant Principal, High Sch 111003.93
Angela N Katzakis Principal, Elementary School 110998.74
Garry E Klein Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 110983.9
Domingo F Zungri Teacher, High School 110978.21
Alexis L Koren School Nurse 110943.58
Robert H Berkenkamp Teacher, Adult Ed, Retired Ad 110886.75
Daniel D Harris Teacher, K-8 110886.46
Maria A Lopez School Social Worker 110862.53
Roswitha R Mueller Teacher, Elementary 110842.8
Laurie A Seixas Teacher, K-8 110837.26
Hedda Louie Teacher, Elementary 110779.38
Kaori U Tanamachi Teacher, Elementary 110779.1
Diane Fore Teacher, Elementary 110773.48
Charisse G Tuvilla Teacher, Elementary 110751.01
Gretchen B Viglione Teacher, Elementary 110744.45
Cliff E Iseley Teacher, High School 110742.55
William L Reese Teacher, ROTC 110741.21
Rosario G Ruiz Teacher, Elementary 110722.15
Karen Lim Teacher, Elementary 110693.96
Margaret F Green Teacher, K-8 110673.42
An M Chau Teacher, Elementary 110670.86
Vernelle K Palmer Teacher, Parent/Preschool Ed 110635.44
Julie Hertzig Teacher, Spec Ed 110613.57
Lauri L Mayfield Tchr, Resource, P/Prsch Adult 110553.17
Jeremy C Mac Donald Teacher, K-8 110552.57
Wei S Hu Teacher, High School 110547.63
Pamela J Vickers Teacher, Child Development 110537.3
Andrea D Zarate Teacher, Middle School 110493.07
Alyce L Hammond Teacher, Parent/Preschool Ed 110459.35
Daniel R Maroldy Teacher, K-8 110452.98
Azarel Q Iniguez Teacher, Res, Bilingual, Elem 110441.63
Geoffrey M Melchor Teacher, High School 110428.38
Regina L Lynch Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 110411.99
Steven Clark Teacher, Elementary 110388.53
Kristi Ruddick Teacher, Middle School 110371.75
Lynne D Haney Blake Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 110345.49
Lisa R Guzzi Teacher, Elementary 110325.27
Kalvin E Saelee Teacher, Elementary 110310.03
Jennifer Hodge Teacher, Elementary 110306.82
Mai L Ly Teacher, Elementary 110275.54
John R Castro Teacher, Elementary 110253.01
Shannon Pella Training Specialist 110239.18
Mai T Vang Teacher, Elementary 110227.54
Jerry Kushner Teacher, High School 110219.86
Erik R Knudson Teacher, Elementary 110219.86
Katie L Durham Teacher, High School 110197.23
Bryan R Moreno Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 110195
Caroline Winquest Teacher, Elementary 110192.13
Cathy Katsura Teacher, K-8 110165.94
Danilo S Campos Librarian, High School 110157.32
Barbara J Peyton Teacher, Elementary 110151.35
Elizabeth M Aguirre Site Instruction Coordinator 110087.43
Jenny Brickey Teacher, Elementary 110066.56
Robert W Hanks Teacher, Elementary 110064.54
Anthony J Lea Facilities Project Tech 110019.79
Erin M Pearson Teacher, Middle School 110019.53
William A Mccarty Teacher, ROTC 110001.11
Kyle M Porto Teacher, Elementary 109978.83
Michelle M Gisler Teacher, Elementary 109944.32
Cary T Farley Teacher, High School 109896.09
Brandon M Frink Teacher, Middle School 109850.01
Hoa Vu Teacher, High School 109841.42
Enrique H Flores Principal, Middle School 109833.3
Se Kue Teacher, K-8 109827.41
Diem Hang T Le Teacher, Elementary 109807.1
John C Coey Teacher, High School 109806.59
Vlastimil Krbecek Site Instruction Coordinator 109804.53
Kathy T Gong Teacher, Elementary 109785.5
Diane K Kimoto-Ross Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 109749.63
Pauline Wilson Teacher, Elementary 109748.71
Charnae A Moore Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 109733.5
Mary Hanzlik Teacher, High School 109711.87
Dave J Decker Teacher, Elementary 109631.88
Carol A Mills Counselor, High School 109617.04
Colleen P Devine Teacher, Elementary 109617.03
Ya P Cha Teacher, High School 109613.45
Robert G Peters Teacher, High School 109613.43
Ruth A Cave-Sosa Teacher, High School 109555.34
Doris Reese Coord. Child Devl Programs 109553.68
Mayong L Vangthor Teacher, Elementary 109523.4
Renee F Roberts-Willis Teacher, K-8 109515.66
Kimberly A Polo Teacher, Elementary 109502.52
Jason L Pelletier Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 109501.64
Timothy J Douglas Teacher, High School 109493
Dorothy F Rahman-Martinez Teacher, Elementary 109489.52
Kim A Engstrom Teacher, Elementary 109451.26
Diane R Holt Teacher, Middle School 109364.18
Lara K Hoekstra Teacher, High School 109355.87
Suzanne M Mc Kelvey Teacher, Elementary 109354.7
Mary A Palmer Teacher, Elementary 109346.5
Randy R Kennicutt Teacher, Elementary 109292.78
Shonna Willow Teacher, Elementary 109280.65
Douglas J Wollbrinck Teacher, Middle School 109267.16
Sherry L Milton Teacher, Elementary 109260.23
Darrell S Amerine Teacher, High School 109252.63
Liz J Thomas Teacher, Parent/Preschool Ed 109248.59
Marilyn J Mazzocco Teacher, Elementary 109205.91
Trina L Bautista Teacher, Elementary 109181.97
Matthew Luper Teacher, Elementary 109172.91
Lianne S Moseley Resource Spec Tchr, SE, Elem 109095.6
Kathleen L Ahern Teacher, Elementary 109085.03
Nikki Waldron Teacher, Elementary 109045.56
Patrick M Bohman Coord I Learning Support Srvs 109036.49
Matsa Mar Teacher, Elementary 108983.89
Muong X Choy Teacher, Elementary 108980.09
Vilma Morales Teacher, K-8 108968.44
Sao Vue Teacher, Elementary 108966.58
Todd A Whalen Teacher, High School 108947.82
Mary Q O’Toole Teacher, Elementary 108942.57
Benito D Aleman School Social Worker 108926.08
Devin W Horne Training Specialist 108919.24
Melissa C Cavitt Teacher, Elementary 108902.43
Christopher Pouley Teacher, High School 108887.14
Karen S Furukawa Teacher, Elementary 108843.4
Andrea R Mahoney Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 108839.22
Elett D Ricks-Chambers Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 108837.27
Cherylanne M Bealer-Wynton Teacher, Elementary 108827.27
Oscar Garcia Principal, Elementary School 108826.85
Kathryn A Reeve Teacher, Middle School 108817.86
Robin L Bailes Teacher, Elementary 108800.57
Sharmie L Silva Counselor, Middle School 108773.33
Jacki A Glasper Program Specialist, Special Ed 108756.09
Diane Bovy Teacher, Middle School 108688.12
Linda Wortman Teacher, Elementary 108635.64
Jennifer A Scott Navarrete Teacher, Elementary 108627.4
Lisa K Bettencourt Teacher, Elementary 108624.87
Lisa K Williams Teacher, High School 108610.52
Tiffany E Ballard Assistant Principal, K-8 Sch 108593.58
Joseph R Barnett Teacher, K-8 108587.83
Pamela Maldonado Knox Teacher, Elementary 108567.8
Huong Q Nguyen Teacher, Middle School 108540.97
Timothy D Lindamood Teacher, Spec Ed 108540.97
John S Leaird Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 108516.43
Michael Mitchell Teacher, Elementary 108487.05
Joe K Liow Teacher, K-8 108475.03
Clifford C Collins Teacher, High School 108467.67
Juana M Herrera Teacher, Elementary 108428.24
Jennifer Rogar-Tosney Teacher, High School 108391.12
Michael Maltby Teacher, K-8 108390.32
Robert D Snider Teacher, Elementary 108368.15
Doris L Sterling Teacher, Elementary 108358.45
Jerry D Hicks Teacher, Elementary 108349.81
Emily R Sommer Teacher, High School 108345.12
Scott L Preston Teacher, High School 108286.55
James Jarvis Teacher, Elementary 108253.96
Tara Snyder Teacher, Elementary 108243.53
Nathaniel D Melman Teacher, K-8 108214
Alanna Butterworth Teacher, Elementary 108138.81
Thomas A Sisterson School Psychologist 108114.13
Taisiya Kulbidyuk School Psychologist 108114.13
Laurie Norris Teacher, Elementary 108112.22
Laurie L Polster Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 108096.1
Ken D Lindeman Teacher, Elementary 108095.41
Olimpia Voulgarelis Teacher, Unassigned 108059.85
Norman Frankenberger Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 108049.51
Jill Tammi Teacher, Middle School 108017.38
Jonathan Rudolph Applications Spec III 107994.8
Maryanne C Brown Teacher, Elementary 107976.32
Kirsten Q Tahara Teacher, Elementary 107969
Adrian L Williams Spec II,Youth Development 107946.8
Ramon C Rosales Teacher, Spec Ed 107942.24
Tinh D Hoang Teacher, Elementary 107907.07
Garry M Sheppard Teacher, High School 107889.27
Cristopher K Johnson Teacher, Adult Ed, Retired Ad 107879.08
Marley A Minamide Teacher, Elementary 107860.36
Audrey S Kamilos Counselor, High School 107849.66
Ruth S Lew Teacher, High School 107844.63
James M Tucker Teacher, Elementary 107843.75
Tracy B Hewell-Starnes School Nurse 107777.68
Linda D Hogg-Wood Teacher, Elementary 107775.42
Belinda C Kirk-Lebimoyo Teacher, High School 107742.79
Ramona Howard Teacher, High School 107717.17
Jane P Walton Teacher, K-8 107717.17
Lisa R Yip Teacher, Elementary 107699.45
Don W Compton Supervisor IV, Electrical 107648.31
Janet E Love School Social Worker 107631.16
Timothy C Danielson Teacher, High School 107616.81
Angela J Ackermann-Carter Lang. Speech & Hearing Speclst 107616.81
Karen M Hankin Teacher, High School 107616.81
Fumi Y Tamanaha School Nurse 107591.82
Rosa A Hernandez Teacher, Elementary 107528.89
Barbara A Brooks Teacher, Spec Ed 107516.44
Makaelie M Her Teacher, Elementary 107444.34
Marianne M Stinson Teacher, High School 107395.57
Norberto Martin Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 107388.08
Jaymee A Nazari Teacher, Elementary 107345.04
Narda H Beckman Program Specialist, Special Ed 107335.66
Robin L Jack-Brown Teacher, Parent/Preschool Ed 107311.27
Jody B Cooperman Teacher, Middle School 107282.3
Jennifer S Bacsafra School Nurse 107279.67
Ernesto C Granados Teacher, High School 107240.84
Adolfo Coronado Teacher, Middle School 107240.79
Lynnette G Chertorisky Teacher, Elementary 107219.59
Alannbert G Millendez Teacher, High School 107218.25
Chue Lao Teacher, Elementary 107206.25
Louis J Vanvelzen Teacher, High School 107172
Patrick Q Miguel Teacher, Elementary 107163.03
Richard J Godnick Assistant Principal, High Sch 107160.88
Jeff Curtis Teacher, Elementary 107148.84
Tria Lo Teacher, Elementary 107135.12
Danny S Lee Teacher, K-8 107087.81
Beth R Vander Klay Teacher, K-8 107084.49
Kenneth W Lieberman Teacher, Elementary 107068.79
John H Warren Teacher, High School 107053.79
Mary Struhs Coord I Learning Support Srvs 106998.16
Cheryl A Sutherland Teacher, K-8 106967.18
Kaomee Xiong Teacher, K-8 106907.63
Robin G Miyata Teacher, K-8 106896.73
Bobbi Jo Bowland Teacher, Elementary 106888.35
Angelica M Marchesi Teacher, Elementary 106883.48
Terry B Lee Teacher, Middle School 106865.18
Diana L Hoffmann Teacher, Middle School 106837.03
Jennifer D Jarvis Ysuiza Teacher, Elementary 106815.26
Jennifer A Nakayama Teacher, Traveling Music 106797.87
Bao Moua Assistant Principal, K-8 Sch 106788.99
Tara E Nye Teacher, Elementary 106778.57
Tanisha L Turner Dir II, Compensation & Bnfts 106774.16
Allegra K Smooth Teacher, Elementary 106739.06
Trisha N Jeter Teacher, Elementary 106737.84
Elizabeth A Ameneyro Teacher, Elementary 106703.14
Kathryn A Banks Teacher, Elementary 106693.56
Holly Rogers Program Specialist, Special Ed 106666.55
Julia A Jonas Teacher, High School 106664.84
Janette L Coffing Teacher, Elementary 106664.42
Kimberly H Stowell Teacher, Middle School 106653.84
Julie M Sakai Lang. Speech & Hearing Speclst 106633.27
Aaron K Pollock Teacher, High School 106603.4
Victoria E Benson School Nurse 106599.86
Jeffrey R Bedford Teacher, High School 106585.03
Jesbir K Purewal Teacher, Elementary 106580.62
Elizabeth A Lindemann Teacher, Elementary 106578.7
Roel B Pena Teacher, High School 106538.27
Rachel E Webb School Social Worker 106506.07
Donna G Smith Teacher, Spec Ed 106499.9
Kathrine J Buxton Librarian, Middle School 106471.45
Mary R Deems Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 106458.01
Alex Q Nguyen Teacher, High School 106453.46
Michelle A Irvine Teacher, Elementary 106453.33
Julieann Skvarla Teacher, High School 106434.85
Adrienne De Fazio Teacher, Elementary 106414.39
Patricia C Rinaldi Teacher, Elementary 106405.79
Barbara A Feinberg Kronick Dir III, Integ Hlth & Spt Svcs 106382.79
Jennifer A Wiese Teacher, Elementary 106351.56
Richard Mooradian Teacher, Elementary 106348.52
Pamela A Silva Teacher, K-8 106289.35
Shelley A Freese Teacher, Elementary 106256.81
Pamela Johnson Teacher, Elementary 106249.76
Sean R Abitz Teacher, K-8 106244.64
Robert C Woodbury Teacher, High School 106206.26
Elaine Y Shin Teacher, Elementary 106204.96
Ronda L Renschler Teacher, Elementary 106191.96
Laurisa S Elhai School Nurse 106121.88
Ronald E Hill Transportation Fleet Spclst 106119.17
Stacy A Gale Teacher, Spec Ed 106095.96
David J Maples Teacher, Spec Ed 106095.62
Nichole C Wofford Spec II Student Support Svcs 106089.53
Kelie J Porter Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 106046.91
Regina E Jones Teacher, Elementary 106040.97
Michael R Holt Assistant Principal, Middle Sc 106004.24
William T Cannady Teacher, High School 106001.54
Elizabeth Nakagawa Teacher, K-8 105971.9
Robin Kafouros Teacher, Spec Ed 105921.93
Phillip Howard Teacher, Spec Ed 105903.43
Guy L Ollison Teacher, K-8 105897.43
Elizabeth R Robello Teacher, Elementary 105851.48
Katherine S Craig Teacher, Resource 105824.82
Huong T Pham Teacher, Elementary 105822.98
Jannelle W Rattigan Teacher, K-8 105820.59
Diane D Sharp Teacher, Elementary 105806.78
Victoria L Thomas Teacher, Elementary 105771.99
Cydnie R Steele Teacher, Elementary 105758.51
Jennifer Henry Teacher, Elementary 105749.08
Jenna M Gonsalves Teacher, Elementary 105712.17
Kimberly Hughes Flanagan Counselor, High School 105691.02
Michelle L Kuennen-Apperson Teacher, Elementary 105675.2
Holly N Kosiewicz Teacher, Middle School 105621.41
Andrea M Horgan Teacher, High School 105616.16
William E Green Teacher, High School 105598.14
Pamela S Courtney Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 105581.13
Diana J Otterson Behav Intrvn SP Spec Ed Dept 105558.19
Dawn M Nantz Accountant 105550.89
Sara M Torres Teacher, Elementary 105542.95
Samantha N Holmes Principal, Elementary School 105521.57
Thomas E Shinn Carpenter 105520.75
Trer Vang Teacher, Elementary 105517.6
John R Ousley Teacher, High School 105476.41
Theresa M Demars Teacher, Elementary 105471.89
Hillary J Borrelli Teacher, K-8 105471.56
Jeffery A Bozeman Facilities Project Tech 105454.57
Kent M Fujikawa Teacher, Spec Ed 105451.23
James Aldridge Teacher, K-8 105450.72
Antonio J Villarreal Teacher, High School 105432.12
Tara L Lampkins Site Instruction Coordinator 105427.99
Elizabeth M Moseby Teacher, Elementary 105408
Chance L Peterson Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 105405.1
Dana A Wiest Lang. Speech & Hearing Speclst 105378.32
Phonvilay Kham-Avone Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 105375.18
Rey Isaguirre Teacher, Elementary 105364.83
Valerie C Collins Teacher, Elementary 105315.25
John P Gorman Teacher, Elementary 105298.61
Mary J Young Teacher, Elementary 105295.35
James Eder Assistant Principal, Middle Sc 105264.66
Diana I Flores Supervisor IV, Nutrition 105249.11
Hugo Guinan-Blaney Teacher, Elementary 105202.69
Melanie Zarback Teacher, Elementary 105164.77
Kathy A Dawson Teacher, Elementary 105138.86
Cheryl L Mc Bride Teacher, Elementary 105113.27
Charlene A Fontenot Teacher, Elementary 105076.97
Leslie T Foree Teacher, Elementary 105050.79
Emily S Catlett Counselor, High School 105029.49
Kristin G Saldana Teacher, Resource 104996.73
Justine M Raga Teacher, Middle School 104992.53
Joseph Jacobs Teacher, High School 104971.52
Jake H Hansen HRS Analyst 104907.13
Stacey Willett Teacher, Spec Ed 104903.46
Sara E Pietrowski Coord II, Student Outcomes 104883.05
Melissa Reynoso Teacher, Elementary 104871.78
Beth Lee Teacher, K-8 104849.58
Gerry M Ryan Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 104836.81
Meritt M Freer Teacher, Middle School 104802.61
Paula E Atkinson Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 104800.12
Brian T Gleason Teacher, High School 104768.5
Karen J Warren Teacher, Elementary 104749.41
Scott E Clark Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 104690.58
Stanley Watts Teacher, Child Development 104690.51
David C Varellas Teacher, Middle School 104677.17
Michele C Kirkland Teacher, Middle School 104672.6
Michael Baradat Teacher, Middle School 104622.72
Betty P Lun Teacher, Elementary 104597.78
Angelina Flores Teacher, Elementary 104589.53
Jacqueline N Proudlove Librarian, High School 104570.52
Damian Harmony Teacher, High School 104510.96
James D Leaird Teacher, Elementary 104504.83
Grace F Bartlett Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 104490.58
Gayle Bourtoul Teacher, High School 104489.46
Teresa M Blanchard Teacher, Elementary 104489.22
Celeste E White Teacher, Elementary 104463.99
Nicole Bridgham Teacher, Elementary 104463.14
Carlos Rico Teacher, Elementary 104458.53
Rick W Wanlin Teacher, High School 104424.26
Jamie L Green Teacher, K-8 104372.81
Lynn M Fedoryk Teacher, K-8 104358.45
Alison K Simes Teacher, Elementary 104349.75
Elizabeth A Tindell-Paddock Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 104333.75
Mark E Lyon Teacher, Middle School 104317.17
Shannon R Zavala Teacher, Elementary 104289.6
Sarah J Ferris Teacher, Elementary 104276.24
Francine Stevens Teacher, High School 104197.03
Laura S Harvey Teacher, Elementary 104196.44
Hasan M Mcwhorter Teacher, High School 104147.09
Deborah L Andorf Teacher, Elementary 104145.13
Adrienne C Davis Teacher, Elementary 104138.19
Pedro C Juarez Teacher, High School 104131.59
Megan B Allen Teacher, Elementary 104060
Taylor L Andrew Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 104059.49
Cheryl L Sims Teacher, Elementary 104052.83
Diane S Cornelius Teacher, High School 104050.49
Holly K Conway Teacher, Elementary 104021.61
Brett Limonoff Teacher, High School 103984.86
Laura L Miller Lang. Speech & Hearing Speclst 103968.28
Heather K Deckard Training Specialist, High Sch 103964.18
Rebecca Rauh Teacher, Elementary 103951.11
Andrew T Woodward Teacher, High School 103939.46
Mark C James Teacher, Elementary 103925.36
Erin D Duarte Teacher, Elementary 103895.57
Christopher J Latino Teacher, High School 103870.42
Arcolar R Mckinnon Teacher, K-8 103858.95
Jessica K Kapucinski Teacher, Elementary 103815.22
Steven R Jones Assistant Principal, High Sch 103796.3
Ema I Gluckmann Teacher, High School 103754.8
Katherine M Redcher-Bowling Teacher, Elementary 103754.17
Allison Alair-Saito Teacher, High School 103709.44
Richard T Haley Assistant Principal, Middle Sc 103695.06
Jeannie K Tudesko Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 103679.29
Siphiwe Mashinini-Nigl Teacher, Elementary 103653.85
Marc T Lee Teacher, Middle School 103651.73
Patrick S Hansen Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 103643.06
Jeanine M Rupert Teacher, Elementary 103635.59
Keyshun Marshall-Singleton Coord II,Risk & Disability Mgt 103634.97
Thomas Ryan Teacher, Middle School 103621.46
Katherine I Hull Teacher, High School 103621.46
Robert Diaz Teacher, High School 103619.85
Ana C Yalan Teacher, Spec Ed 103616.74
Toby H Frank School Nurse 103582.22
Henry I Johnson Teacher, High School 103581.47
Gabriele Schoff Teacher, Elementary 103565.52
Gayle M Auge Teacher, Elementary 103557.5
Nicholas Vargas Supv IV, Carpenter 103528.64
Karen T Wong Teacher, Elementary 103512.73
Kenneth K Vang Counselor, High School 103511.69
Chanh J Yip Tek Teacher, Elementary 103511.55
Paula M Turner Teacher, Middle School 103505.46
Matthew P Roberts Teacher, High School 103488.54
Tou Vang Teacher, Elementary 103457.07
Jay J Blockmon Teacher, Middle School 103431.78
Jennie R Reinke Teacher, Elementary 103431.61
Christina Coppola Teacher, Elementary 103423.75
Richard C Remund Supervisor I, Operations 103364.73
Amaya C Weiss Spec II Student Support Svcs 103353.9
Yvette M Acquisto Counselor, High School 103348.29
Colleen A Ridolfi Tchr, Resource, P/Prsch Adult 103285
Maria D Johnson Teacher, Elementary 103270.22
Dawn E Silver Teacher, Elementary 103258.37
Melissa Thurman Counselor, High School Cont. 103252.96
Monica S Dhinsa Teacher, K-8 103239.47
Irina S Lawson Teacher, High School 103232.77
Leslie M Ingram Teacher, Spec Ed 103227.3
Melanie A Bean Training Specialist 103053.45
Clarissa A Ramirez Clsfctn & Compensation Spclst 103019.94
Timothy M Fung Teacher, High School 102984.55
Deana J Mafua-Murphy Teacher, Elementary 102960.47
Shelley A Lawson Teacher, Elementary 102949.33
Heidi L Gaynor Teacher, Middle School 102947.88
Sharon L Leonard Teacher, Elementary 102871.52
Elly Graves Teacher, K-8 102859.34
Margaret E Reyes Teacher, Spec Ed 102856.42
Barry Fallon Teacher, Spec Ed 102837.62
Anita M Warmack Teacher, Parent/Preschool Ad 102820.04
Eugeniu Dobrescu Assistant Principal, High Sch 102775.19
Cindy Bertacchi Teacher, Elementary 102726.87
Martina Gomez Executive Asst-Supt 102713.87
Theresa A Bachman-Tavianini School Social Worker 102670.31
Lisa M Brown Teacher, K-8 102615.55
Kin Do Teacher, Parent/Preschool Ed 102614.83
Jennifer L Crawford Teacher, Elementary 102610.2
Ellen L Clark Teacher, Elementary 102582.73
Richard Simms Teacher, Elementary 102575.87
Douglas M Dopkins Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 102523.22
Rebecca L Cesena Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 102502.62
Mary A Bailey Program Specialist, Special Ed 102472.64
Gabrielle G Stewart School Nurse 102466.44
Barbara J Tigert Teacher, High School 102408.54
Julie L Ketchel Teacher, Elementary 102383.98
Kathleen O Augusta Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 102349.3
Jason Hartin Teacher, Elementary 102321.3
Ruby Toyama Teacher, Elementary 102309.26
Thierry R Spycher Teacher, High School 102307.25
Michael V Troiano Teacher, Elementary 102284.86
Robert G Sisemore Teacher, Spec Ed 102282.94
Melissa L Ferrante Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 102242.7
Pamela J Cajucom Spec II Student Support Svcs 102233.32
Anne Maretti Board Of Education Spclst 102205.09
Kathryn D Krahn Teacher, Elementary 102181.16
Margaret A Gillespie Teacher, K-8 102167.74
Jose R Hernandez Teacher, Resource, Middle Sch 102146.13
Miriam S Goff Teacher, Spec Ed 102140.28
Shannon L Bliss Teacher, Elementary 102138.27
Stephanie J Cook Teacher, High School 102134.09
Fountain Lee Teacher, High School 102124.17
Michael J Reed Teacher, High School 102088.04
Lonnie K Kitzmiller Teacher, Spec Ed 102066.26
Raman K Clar Teacher, Child Development 102040.81
Lynnette Scott Librarian, High School 102010.36
Marie L Mathiesen Teacher, Elementary 101979.87
Kathryn E Brown Supervisor, Special Education 101966.76
Theresa P Ching Teacher, Elementary 101964.97
Kelly A Costello-Toomey Teacher, K-8 101959.64
Laura M Correia Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 101948.88
Judy L Caccamo Teacher, Middle School 101936.69
Katherine Bell Teacher, High School 101923.36
Kieu T Nguyen Teacher, Elementary 101862.66
Marily A Martinez Teacher, Elementary 101853.95
Staci G Di Santis Training Specialist 101824.37
Teresa C Martinez Training Specialist 101758.31
Arabella C Lora Teacher, High School 101713.41
Debra K Vosseler Lang. Speech & Hearing Speclst 101709.1
Lois Demartini-Palermo Lang. Speech & Hearing Speclst 101610.31
Luke Criste Teacher, Middle School 101591.64
Catherine E Hashimoto Teacher, Elementary 101591.46
Tina X Yang Teacher, Elementary 101579.48
Herman E Kwong Teacher, High School 101562.48
Robert Velazquez Teacher, High School 101543.8
Kathryn M Stork Teacher, High School 101532.96
Lisa R Lavy Teacher, Elementary 101457.47
Michael S Mc Doniels Teacher, Elementary 101398.45
Josette Breaux Teacher, Elementary 101393.79
Virginia R Aguirre Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 101361.12
Kerensa N Delsol Teacher, Elementary 101309.29
Elizabeth Coleman Teacher, High School 101299.38
Ygnacio Zarate Coord II, Student Support Srvc 101266.18
Michael N Shaw Teacher, High School 101253.31
Dawn E Peters Teacher, Spec Ed 101200.09
Philip L Fontenot Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 101195.57
Alison Merlo Teacher, Elementary 101097.05
Catherine A Boulos Teacher, Elementary 101075.16
Ellen C Wong Teacher, High School 101028.36
Janel Morinaga Teacher, Middle School 101014.19
Sylvia Nunez Teacher, Elementary 101010.33
Brian P Perry Teacher, High School 101010.06
Vanessa H Vue Teacher, Elementary 101007.3
Annalisa H Collins Teacher, Elementary 100959.94
Ching Vang Teacher, Elementary 100953.95
Angelia A Brye-Jones Teacher, Elementary 100919.17
Carrie J Hanson Teacher, Elementary 100877.46
Thomas P Manley Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 100861.7
Kelly M Vargas Teacher, Spec Ed 100836.42
Michael J Andersen Teacher, High School 100822.89
Carl C Johnson Teacher, High School 100809.19
Heather A Wagers School Social Worker 100794.51
Henry Romero Teacher, Middle School 100728.78
Esther Delgadillo Teacher, Elementary 100728.12
Joan A Taylor Teacher, High School 100727.61
Nicole L Baradat Teacher, K-8 100655.19
Jean M Seto Teacher, Elementary 100649.15
Adrian C Kersey Teacher, Middle School 100580.41
Kimberly R Meade Teacher, K-8 100577.54
Suzanne M Womack Teacher, Elementary 100556.04
Rachelle L Gray Teacher, Elementary 100519.67
Deborah G Dodd Teacher, K-8 100491.17
Jason D Burke Behav Intrvn SP Spec Ed Dept 100470.55
Alison O Miller Teacher, Elementary 100469.67
Jonathan M Andrews Teacher, High School 100439.22
Michele M Koehler Teacher, Middle School 100439.02
Araceli Rocha Teacher, Elementary 100402.05
Stacee L Oltmanns Teacher, Middle School 100391.1
Christopher P Morehouse Teacher, Middle School 100373.39
Zolaikha Ahmadzai Teacher, Elementary 100367.5
Christina Mc Carty School Psychologist 100365.86
Sylvia Y Rodriguez Teacher, Elementary 100365.54
Rafael B Perez Teacher, Elementary 100254.62
Maria C Galarza Teacher, Elementary 100232.53
Mitzie Romero Teacher, High School 100215.52
Lawrence C Ferlazzo Teacher, High School 100181.05
Jennifer D Peters Teacher, Middle School 100171.33
Alicia Jaime-Razo Teacher, High School 100145.41
Nathan L Oltmanns Teacher, High School 100134.16

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