Special Education Kangaroo Court (AKA “Administrative” Law)

by Dr. M. Moleski

Did you know that the hearing officer at an administrative hearing is both judge and jury?  Unlike “real” court, where the jury is the trier of facts, in the kangaroo administrative court, the taxpayer is faced off against yet another bureaucrat.

Conversely, in Superior Court (“real” court), the jury — and not the judge — is the trier of fact (although there are exceptions such as family and juvenile cases).

Thus, the administrative state is actually a tyranny where unelected bureaucrats dictate to the taxpaying plebs what is to be done about the bureaucracy.  The taxpayer is forced to pay for both ends of the stick which is clubbing him/her to death.  It is so Kafkaesque that it would be funny — if children’s lives weren’t in the balance.

I am not a lawyer, so please read what a professor of law has to say about this tyranny:

“The administrative state is the leading threat to civil liberties of our era,” says Philip Hamburger, the Maurice and Hilda Friedman Professor of Law at Columbia Law School and author of the recent books, Is Administrative Law Unlawful? (2015) and The Administrative Threat (2017). “We have a system of government in which our laws are made by the folks that we elect, and these laws are enforced by judges and juries in the courts, but we have within that an administrative state, a state that acts really by mere command and not through law.”

When the taxpayer is subjected to the vicious cycle of an unresponsive and overpaid (by you, the taxpayer) special education bureaucracy that is “administrated” by yet another slew of overpaid bureaucrats, you will fully understand that you and your child are not living in a Democratic Republic.  Not even close.

When I have time, I intend to write about my own experiences as an expert interfacing with the denizens of the kangaroo court and its morbidly obese twin sister: special ed.  The whole system is a total failure for all except the bureaucrats who grow fat from their tyrannical rule over those who didn’t elect them.  Still this tyranny grows like self-replicating poison mushrooms.

Please take the time to listen to the interview with Professor Hamburger below, where among many other things, he argues that the administrative state is especially pernicious for women and other minorities:

If I’ve whetted your appetite and you wish to understand this important issue more thoroughly, please listen to the brilliant Edith Jones go into more detail.  I found Jones’ talk after writing this blog post, and was edified to hear Ms. Jones also refer to administrative “law” as tyranny:

The fiefdom known as SPED administrative “law” is just one (albeit large) example of how out-of-control Big Gubmint truly is.  It is not your friend, it is not your savior, it is not constitutional.  It is tyranny.


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SCUSD’s Overblown Salaries (2015 Figures)

shockedThere are One Thousand, One Hundred, and Thirty-One (1131) educators making 6-figure salaries within Sacramento City Unified School District.  There are One Thousand, One Hundred, and Ninety-One (1191) additional educators making over $70K.  Another Eight-Hundred and Fifty (850) make $50K or more.  The rest are mostly part-timers, teacher’s aides, substitute teachers, and the like.  These are only the 2015 figures.

Keep in mind that the majority of these people are making these already-overblown salaries for only working 8 to 9 months out of the year.

My favorite part is how many of the teachers-cum-administrators treat the taxpayers who pay their salaries, and my second-favorite thing is how they have (via the media) convinced most people that they are so terribly underpaid.

Please take a closer look at your tax dollars at work, as those whose names appear below are only a few of those who are grossly overpaid.

Rebecca A Bryant Director III, Special Ed 171425.64
James P Rost Teacher, High School 170061.91
Richard J Buesgen Teacher, ROTC 168453.93
Christine D Anjo Occupational Therapist 153908.49
Robert W Richardson Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 147181.24
Claudia R Hanger Occupational Therapist 146112.35
Lesa A Hertel Teacher, Elementary 142118.69
Philip H Sanborn Teacher, ROTC 140718.62
Sarah L Taylor Teacher, High School 136524.19
Clayton Dagler Teacher, High School 136207.34
Shao Xiong Teacher, Elementary 133317.03
Teresa Fox School Nurse 133076.15
Linda Kawahara-Matsuo Supervisor, Special Education 132075.78
Randy G Johnson Teacher, Middle School 131979.17
Scott A Chase Teacher, Elementary 131827.11
Nancy L Edwards Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 131728.07
James P Mamola Teacher, High School, Contin. 131376.75
Charles L Mundorff Teacher, ROTC 130990.47
Margaret-Ann M Vansoest-Russell Teacher, Elementary 130982.84
Nho Le-Hinds School Nurse 130087.47
Diana L Cerezo Teacher, K-8 129907.4
Kirk E Arnoldy Teacher, High School 129388.58
Lori A Thomas Teacher, Elementary 128250.04
Stacey R Caldwell Teacher, Elementary 127900.75
Anita D Caulk Teacher, High School 127821.13
Char L Feagins Teacher, K-8 127766.13
Edward P Fedor Teacher, ROTC 127239.07
Aart De Waard Teacher, High School 127095.45
Kathleen B Skelly Teacher, Elementary 126412.05
Teresa C Barnett Teacher, High School 126041.32
Teri Ha Teacher, Elementary 125979.15
John F King Teacher, Spec Ed 125966.58
Dylan Besk Teacher, High School 125847.98
Julia J Morris Teacher, Middle School 125845.17
Theresa A Philipps Teacher, Middle School 125838.65
Linda Mangum Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 125770.53
Kevin T Eldridge Counselor, Middle School 125689.24
Jill A Durbin Teacher, Elementary 125590.21
Terri L Brandt Teacher, Middle School 125521.72
Donna L Zahniser Teacher, Elementary 125506.24
Lucinda Burge Teacher, Elementary 125297.25
Robert H Fong Teacher, Middle School 125248.56
Lonnelle K Martin Teacher, Middle School 125224.49
Tamalee H Fien Program Specialist, Special Ed 125191.73
David J Drotts Counselor, High School 125132.4
Emma L Cu Teacher, Elementary 125091.34
David E Dayton Teacher, Elementary 124897.28
Joanna L Abbott School Psychologist 124812.32
Crystell A Nishizaki Teacher, High School 124800.56
Robert B Lessler Counselor, Middle School 124796
Jane W Fricke Teacher, High School 124765.75
Terri A Kitowski Teacher, Elementary 124661.1
Denise M Mcadams Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 124589.53
Shawn E D’Alesandro Teacher, Middle School 124587.64
Valerie J Alens Teacher, Elementary 124490.77
Steven J Bruno Database Administrator 124466.87
Debra B Konvalin Teacher, High School 124465.46
Samuel A Brewer Teacher, Elementary 124411.08
Marc J Marmorstein Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 124400.97
Betsy A Ronsheimer Teacher, Elementary 124382.75
David T Parsh Teacher, High School 124332.11
Kari L Zimny Teacher, Traveling Music 124325.2
Michael D Hotell Teacher, High School 124318.83
Tan C Tung School Nurse 124302.66
Daniel E Gatten Teacher, High School 124129.75
Michael A Mullen Teacher, Elementary 124078.9
Sharon A Schoenfeld Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 124033.83
Judy Nishimura Tanaka Teacher, K-8 124010.13
Cory M Fukuoka Teacher, High School 123982.01
Linda F Stump Teacher, Elementary 123947.41
Amy E Ronsheimer Tchr, Resource, P/Prsch Adult 123879.38
Christie K Wells-Artman Principal, Elementary School 123807.01
Jennifer Reynaga Teacher, High School 123537.47
Dawn M Student Teacher, Elementary 123483.42
Jody E Bone Teacher, Elementary 123439.7
Janice L Olson Teacher, Middle School 123359.63
Caryn L Vanwormer Teacher, Elementary 123344.55
Judy Y Lee Teacher, Elementary 123170.83
Barbara E Auld Teacher, Elementary 123170.75
Denise M Ayeni Teacher, Elementary 123163.29
Annis C Der Teacher, Elementary 123034.3
Beatrice M Laguana Teacher, Elementary 122999.94
Elliot A Gonsalves Teacher, High School 122895.98
Marie A Hill Teacher, Spec Ed 122847.07
Linda R Woodfork Teacher, Elementary 122706.76
Rebecca Dehr Teacher, Parent/Preschool Ed 122704.44
Helen J Nevins Teacher, K-8 122652.57
Cindy Van Beek Teacher, K-8 122652.57
Cynthia J Eberle Teacher, Elementary 122630.97
John S Wong Teacher, High School 122591.38
Mark H Areson Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 122591.38
Jennifer L Mamola Teacher, High School 122548.18
Paul J Myers Teacher, Elementary 122533.45
Nicole Milevsky Teacher, Unassigned 122510.22
Elaine Tom Teacher, Middle School 122497.63
Rosanne M Cherry Teacher, Elementary 122427.36
Ann W Kester Lang. Speech & Hearing Speclst 122412.98
Eric O Arnett Teacher, Spec Ed 122412.98
Jerald A Glaviano Teacher, High School 122412.87
Robert Feickert Teacher, High School 122341.56
Drew Gardner Teacher, Elementary 122294.87
Terri L Meyer Teacher, Spec Ed 122241.11
Vanessa Buitrago-Galvis Supervisor, Special Education 122240.79
Pamela J Buric Teacher, High School 122228.32
Rae S Odekirk Teacher, Spec Ed 122079.33
Mary E Carter Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 122066.47
Rebecca Weinert Teacher, Elementary 122064.5
Janice Bender Teacher, Elementary 122028.86
Susan A Bowers Teacher, Child Development 121969.16
Rebecca Kurtulus Teacher, Elementary 121817.07
Helen Mcpherrin Dadmehr School Psychologist 121792.26
Tarik A Mc Fall Asst Prncpl, Supt Prty(Mid) 121791.93
Martha H Axup Teacher, Elementary 121619.36
Emelina D Emaas Teacher, High School 121600.07
Charles B Ewing Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 121553.94
Michael D Pickering Teacher, Elementary 121431.53
Wendy J Money Teacher, Elementary 121321.58
Teanne Greenlee-Davis Teacher, K-8 121296.23
Sharon B Sommer Teacher, Elementary 121254.35
Shelly L Guild Teacher, Spec Ed 121111.64
Kelli M Whitten Teacher, Middle School 121099.7
Peggie Clapper Teacher, Middle School 121097.01
Theresa F Jang-Hefner Teacher, Elementary 120849.24
Richard N Pauly Teacher, High School 120767.78
Susan K Richardson Teacher, Elementary 120352.03
Jan M Arai-Phillips Teacher, Elementary 120241.6
Bradley W Klopp Counselor, High School 120211.96
John P Watters Teacher, Middle School 120166.12
Kerin S Butterfield Teacher, Middle School 120070.69
Sylvia C Gonzalez Teacher, Elementary 120046.83
Cynthia L Day-Galvez Teacher, Elementary 119972.32
Victoria L Hatley-Hart Teacher, K-8 119967.72
Jhanis West-Magana Teacher, Elementary 119904.48
Dana P Flaten Teacher, K-8 119889.36
Sandra J Allen Teacher, K-8 119876.77
Julie E Walters Teacher, Elementary 119825.19
Robert M Iliff Teacher, Elementary 119813.95
Terry L Marks Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 119793.88
Carolyn A Raber Teacher, Middle School 119734.23
Johanna M Kirkman Teacher, Elementary 119733.07
Judith K Martineau Teacher, Spec Ed 119568.23
Christine Chavez Teacher, Middle School 119567.16
Steven C Bails Teacher, K-8 119494.5
Janet L Egidi Teacher, High School 119439.6
Richard S Draeger Teacher, High School 119334.77
Dee W Robbins Teacher, High School 119334.77
Ruth Carnie Teacher, Spec Ed 119334.77
Heidii K Sanchez Teacher, Spec Ed 119290.44
Gurbinder K Mann Teacher, Spec Ed 119223.84
Ia Elizabeth Lee-Her Teacher, Elementary 119106.46
John J Yokay Teacher, Middle School 119077.4
George H Young Teacher, Elementary 119065.46
George Otiono Teacher, High School, Contin. 119060.92
Dana Romo Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 119058.93
Jeri L Chase-Ducray Program Specialist, Special Ed 118983.33
Kelle Marshall Teacher, Elementary 118980.87
Debra J Bonilla Teacher, Elementary 118915.69
Linda H Hatamiya Teacher, High School 118911.23
Robyn T Andreotti Teacher, Elementary 118871.84
Kenneth A Davis Teacher, High School 118792.06
Juan Perez School Social Worker 118765.22
Sandra Sanahmadi Teacher, Elementary 118685.94
Ellen Mahan Teacher, Parent/Preschool Ed 118654.23
Holga C Olivares Teacher, K-8 118623.59
Neil T Norman Counselor, High School 118610.5
Paul Belluomini Teacher, High School 118594.69
Thellis E Panacek School Nurse 118591.31
Julie Y Gutierrez Teacher, Elementary 118583.39
Peter Goul Teacher, Elementary 118543.26
Amy S Thunen Teacher, Middle School 118523.91
Sandra Enriquez Teacher, Elementary 118499.15
Jeanette J Schroeder Training Specialist 118494.2
Rosa Corona-Pasqua Teacher, Elementary 118341.39
Valerie T Willover School Social Worker 118336.32
Ben D Gravitz Teacher, High School 118327.33
Karen L Tomczak Teacher, High School 118263.61
Theresa J Perez Tchr, Resource, P/Prsch Adult 118201.19
Cynthia F Currier Teacher, High School 118182.02
Charles J Eiers Teacher, Elementary 118158.09
Carla J Randazzo Teacher, Elementary 118096.44
Mary Ann Bourgeois School Psychologist 118089.04
Katherine A Stoddard School Psychologist 118089.04
Christine Nowack Teacher, K-8 118077.45
Selicia Fletcher Behav Intrvn SP Spec Ed Dept 118060.02
David M Allen Teacher, High School 118056.72
Kyle K Ly Teacher, Elementary 118041.2
Renee S Michel Teacher, Elementary 117963.88
Joua Y Vang Teacher, K-8 117955.98
Christina A Plessas Librarian, Middle School 117851.95
Kimberly S Shaffer Counselor, Middle School 117851.95
Jonathan Andrew Teacher, Spec Ed 117839.14
Lucy M Silveira-Godegast Teacher, Elementary 117818.09
Emre J Remeta Teacher, Elementary 117788.53
Chinh N Lieu Teacher, Elementary 117632.34
Maryangela S Pantages Teacher, Elementary 117625.82
Robert Lundstrom Teacher, Elementary 117620.61
Richard A Marcroft Teacher, High School 117613.47
Susan L Johnson Teacher, Elementary 117570.58
Kerri J Seid Teacher, Elementary 117521.2
Paul Lee Lang. Speech & Hearing Speclst 117511.8
Jacqueline M Rodriguez Coord II, Student Support Srvc 117434.13
Dana M Dusbiber Teacher, K-8 117378.13
Margaret K Myers Teacher, Elementary 117362.26
Lisa J Hill Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 117306.39
Sami K Nakao Teacher, Elementary 117286.1
Sandra Naranjo Teacher, Elementary 117194.66
Jenny H Nguyen Teacher, Elementary 117124.31
Faith M Johnson Teacher, Elementary 116958.32
Gang Yang Teacher, Elementary 116937.31
Lily Stanley Teacher, Elementary 116888.57
Carol A Boyce Teacher, Resource 116793.37
Dee De Jesus Teacher, K-8 116786.38
Eric D Malme Teacher, High School 116730.63
Carolyn D Mcdonnell Teacher, Elementary 116605.76
Angela N Scripa Teacher, Middle School 116579.65
Mariamelia Badoza Teacher, High School 116540.73
Kelly Anne Clarke Teacher, Elementary 116537.45
Sheilah M O’Hara Teacher, Middle School 116444.81
Thomas Carson Teacher, High School 116417.69
Mica Brown Teacher, High School 116389.53
Lor H Xiong Teacher, Elementary 116304.21
Laurie Kojima-Black Teacher, Elementary 116303.11
Jason J Yuen Teacher, Elementary 116257.09
Victoria J Stolinski Teacher, High School 116245.74
Enrique Valladares Teacher, Elementary 116194.89
Bridget A Martinez Teacher, High School 116082.47
Catherine A Stidger Teacher, Spec Ed 116072.57
Vivian E Chung Teacher, Elementary 116054.04
Brian R Barrick Teacher, Middle School 116037.54
Souchoy Saechou Teacher, Elementary 116008.91
Maria Felisa V Aguilar Teacher, Middle School 115942.21
Lourdes Godinez Teacher, Elementary 115939.64
Christopher J Whetstone Teacher, K-8 115938.14
Elizabeth E Lourence Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 115859.83
Maria D Lomboy Teacher, Spec Ed 115842.82
Deborah A Rico Teacher, Elementary 115814.5
Tony Whitehead Counselor, High School 115787.52
Patricia Juarez Teacher, Middle School 115784.86
John J Heffernan Teacher, High School 115750.88
Daniel J Rule Teacher, Elementary 115737.69
Rebecca Siegert Teacher, High School 115677.22
Kang Baros Teacher, Elementary 115644.78
Alan R Hill Teacher, Elementary 115624.82
George T Kastanis Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 115580.17
Natalie T Bazett Teacher, Elementary 115541.45
Daisy T Piatt Teacher, Middle School 115519.51
Rebecca S Icarro Teacher, Spec Ed 115513.82
Alphonso J Powell Asst Principal, Supt Pr Sch K8 115501.66
Karen Mc Clain Teacher, Elementary 115490.91
John F Gullans Teacher, High School 115456.41
Ingrid J Royal Teacher, Spec Ed 115449.79
Joann Le Teacher, Elementary 115449.08
Robin E Broadhurst-Ward Teacher, Elementary 115449.04
Aprille L Shafto Principal, Elementary School 115425.09
Eric M Kinunen Teacher, Elementary 115408.76
Kristina J Halvorsen Teacher, Elementary 115383.75
Gloria Chung Smith Budget Analyst 115381.07
Karen L Harris Teacher, Elementary 115358.23
Grant D Carboni Librarian, Middle School 115330.93
Phyllis Wendt Teacher, Elementary 115325.59
Cynthia E Lee Teacher, Elementary 115323.6
Sally J Weisbecker Teacher, Elementary 115312.9
Susan B Jansen Teacher, Middle School 115270.07
Marie T Rodriguez Teacher, Middle School 115269.41
Michael L Howell Teacher, Elementary 115249.13
Kimberly E Slaughter Teacher, Elementary 115247.2
Cristin K Tahara-Martin Principal, Middle School 115194.33
Regina M Cresci Teacher, Elementary 115189.67
Linda Melvin-Schueler Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 115183.84
Monica D Mc Rho Program Coordinator, Homeless 115135.47
Thomas W Fleming Teacher, Elementary 115082.52
Terrie L Mallicoat Teacher, Spec Ed 115058.52
Gary A Kretzschmar Teacher, Middle School 115056.35
Theresa T Achondo Teacher, Elementary 115050.37
Yasmin Henry Teacher, Middle School 115049.67
Marie E Nolen Teacher, Elementary 115046.18
Holly A Jaeger School Psychologist 115032.43
Laura J Nann Teacher, K-8 115020.84
Martin H Young School Psychologist 115003.97
Judy A Ogden Teacher, Elementary 115001.67
Jane C Valdez Teacher, Middle School 114962.08
Catherine F Miura-Glen Teacher, K-8 114911.99
Maureen T Barnett Teacher, Middle School 114911.94
Kia K Vang Teacher, Elementary 114895.59
Kari A Brunson Teacher, Elementary 114876.65
Monroe A Howard-Shackelford Coor II, Youth Srvc 114849.05
Nanci D Rose Site Instruction Coordinator 114796.11
Thomas B Halpine Teacher, High School 114792.55
Rosa M Marquez-Ceballos Teacher, Elementary 114780.39
Patricia L Ryan Teacher, Spec Ed 114778.66
Kenneth L Harris Teacher, Middle School 114778.66
Clinton J Bodene Teacher, High School 114774.6
David R Becker Teacher, Middle School 114762.08
Linda K Qutami Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 114758.64
Julie P Caldwell Teacher, Elementary 114704.4
Maria G Reyes Teacher, K-8 114617.26
John C Fleming Teacher, High School 114586.13
David J Fisher Teacher, Unassigned 114584.55
Mabel Gee Teacher, K-8 114521.38
Peter Batkin Teacher, Middle School 114513.94
Daniel M Sanchez Mgr II, Purchasing Svcs 114512.64
Christine Mohatt Teacher, Elementary 114510.1
Kabee Lee Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 114492.48
Shannon N Henry Principal, Elementary School 114491.49
Vince A Wolfe Prncpl, New Innovative Sm HS 114481.67
Marcia A Gilroy-Taylor Teacher, Middle School 114479.24
Michelle C Goodwin Teacher, Elementary 114466.64
Ted T Richardson Teacher, Elementary 114450.36
Dan Bunz Teacher, Middle School 114391.83
Karen M Hook Teacher, Spec Ed 114369.94
Robbin D Durfee Teacher, Elementary 114351.06
Patricia Tran Teacher, Elementary 114344.57
Andrew C O’Neil Teacher, High School 114309.1
Leticia G Bucio Asst Prncpl,Supt Prty(High) 114270.23
Holly E Hein Teacher, Elementary 114259.8
Michael Orvedahl Teacher, Elementary 114259.21
Linda S Chastain Transportation Fleet Spclst 114249.79
Nina Delgadillo Manager II, School Safety 114248.15
Lay K Tri Teacher, Elementary 114195.43
Tiffany A Willard Teacher, Elementary 114178.62
Marni S Miura-Gilbert Teacher, Resource 114153.57
Michael E Salman Principal, Ind Study/At Risk 114114.43
Beverly Nowak Teacher, Elementary 114077.3
Shaun M Peters Teacher, Elementary 114042.61
Tiffany N Wilson Asst Prncpl,Supt Prty (Elem) 114041.94
Larry J Hopper Teacher, Middle School 114036.26
Christy Fung Teacher, Elementary 114034.33
Fay H Coleman Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 114007.96
Rosalinda Valencia Teacher, Elementary 113973.37
Katrina B Ramos Teacher, Elementary 113961.85
Pamela M Reeder-Esparza Counselor, High School 113922.86
Lokesh K Prashar Teacher, High School 113915.86
Christylee Nyland Lang. Speech & Hearing Speclst 113913.25
Anna Marie R Mestidio Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 113878.96
Nicole J Quinn Training Specialist 113873.01
Charlotte E Herrington Teacher, High School, Contin. 113850.81
Carole L Magnusson Teacher, High School 113838.19
Anita Carapiet Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 113831.01
Gavin Williams Teacher, High School 113825.04
Johnetta N Webb Program Specialist, Special Ed 113800.73
Martine L Lozano Teacher, Elementary 113795.84
Dana L Jenks Teacher, High School 113762.38
Shana Just Teacher, High School 113705.52
Vicki J Wasson Coord. Child Devl Programs 113638.58
Chai Saechao Teacher, Elementary 113613.12
Sophia Yue Teacher, Elementary 113607.65
Trinisha D Turturici Assistant Principal, Elem Sch 113593.28
Kari L Lasalle Training Specialist 113578.01
Ann E Sullivan Teacher, Elementary 113563.65
Tenley Lechner-Luke Principal, Elementary School 113529.42
Thomas E Jones Teacher, ROTC 113525.25
Patricia Arellano Teacher, Elementary 113442.96
Jed D Larsen Teacher, Middle School 113421.34
George R Ribet Teacher, Elementary 113410.57
Elaine M Stallworth Teacher, Elementary 113329.92
Terry Tsunemoto-Ikegami Teacher, Elementary 113296
Mercedes Campa-Rodriguez Teacher, Elementary 113235.24
Saralyn A Manning Taormina Counselor, High School 113228.07
Mary E Alexander Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 113207.41
Martha Seuthe Teacher, High School 113170.44
Jeffie L Vogt Program Specialist, Special Ed 113059.21
Sara C Pieschl School Psychologist 113018.32
Rosalie L Nugent Teacher, Parent/Preschool Ed 112964.12
Yvonne M Martinez Teacher, Spec Ed 112957.75
Maria C Tait Teacher, High School 112936.87
Aaron L Mcclatchy Teacher, Spec Ed 112929.52
Diana M Swearer Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 112885.5
David E Carson Teacher, Middle School 112882.6
Cindee Stewart Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 112870.7
Harry S Bray Teacher, Elementary 112861.17
Kevin L Hubble Teacher, Elementary 112856.86
William S Maddox Teacher, High School 112848.44
Karen E Butterfield Teacher, K-8 112841.66
Edward R Amundson Teacher, Spec Ed 112840.54
Mark P Davis Teacher, Middle School 112833.89
Stephanie J Berry Teacher, Elementary 112821.94
Felicia I Thomas-Hill Asst Principal, Supt Pr Sch K8 112813.37
Richard M Willett Teacher, Elementary 112811.27
Sylvia T Silva Principal, Elem/Charter Schl 112784.1
Carmen Hernandez Teacher, K-8 112728.99
Deborah S Ledbetter Teacher, Middle School 112723.77
Rhonda Pommells Teacher, K-8 112688.44
Deanna M Hose Teacher, Elementary 112688.44
Dianne L Brown Grant Writer 112667.37
Rosario C Arcona Teacher, Elementary 112533.71
Teri A Kirtlan Teacher, Elementary 112517.85
Kimberly Freeman Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 112516.18
Brian Crawford Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 112516.18
Suzanne S Auchterlonie School Nurse 112506.03
Teresa A Merkley Teacher, Elementary 112498.23
Michelle Ward-Morlan Teacher, Spec Ed 112488
Thomas J Bauser Teacher, High School 112475.19
Senta Agnello-Shelton Teacher, Middle School 112460.89
Kean O Yeoh Teacher, High School 112423.15
Frederick O Lund Teacher, Elementary 112411.1
Gabriel M Ramirez Teacher, Elementary 112207.98
Pamela L Ferko Teacher, Elementary 112195
Donna J Baca-Kaiser Teacher, High School 112184.7
Roxanne H Wolfe Teacher, Middle School 112164.85
Claudia S Coletta Counselor, High School 112139.7
Heather Bunney Teacher, Elementary 112117.73
Mark E Bergeron Teacher, Elementary 112081.72
Benerisa Perez Teacher, Elementary 112070.53
Doreen E Beyer School Nurse 112056.34
Michele Lamb Rossi Teacher, Elementary 112037.79
Kristi L Policar Teacher, Spec Ed 112023.19
Philip Hopkins Teacher, High School 111997.17
Terence Burke Teacher, Spec Ed 111991.85
Amy A Hernandez-Smith Teacher, Elementary 111982.22
Angela L Francis Teacher, Elementary 111975.13
Arlette B Garcia Teacher, Elementary 111952.28
Prabhjot K Rai Teacher, Middle School 111933.43
Meuy C Saeteurn Teacher, Middle School 111929.24
Belinda S Bridgewater Principal, Elementary School 111883.79
Christine M Helweh Teacher, Middle School 111850.98
Anuja Ramil Teacher, Elementary 111850.71
Maria I Tsousis Teacher, High School 111843.21
Kelli N Marang Teacher, K-8 111810.39
Marty W Vinson Painter 111774.58
Carrie E Meagher Relles Teacher, Elementary 111735.61
Moua P Yang Teacher, Elementary 111680.45
Olivia O Winslow Teacher, Elementary 111676.96
Kaunsausha J Monteiro Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 111649.5
Brian R Laird Teacher, High School 111619.18
William J Maxwell Teacher, High School 111619.18
Joyce M O’Keefe Teacher, Elementary 111616.84
Veronica Y Munoz Teacher, Elementary 111613.76
William Alex White Teacher, Elementary 111597.58
Steven B Larson Teacher, K-8 111597.58
Kimberly R Teague Contract Specialist 111583.97
Diana M Seeman School Psychologist 111520.76
Ethel A Cleavenger-Artz Teacher, Elementary 111495.57
Candace Saxton Teacher, Elementary 111465.83
Kyle M Heckey Teacher, Middle School 111450.46
Shawna C Placido Teacher, High School 111438.3
Tascha D Weatherall Teacher, K-8 111430.79
Leslie G Stanton Teacher, Spec Ed 111407.92
Christina R Allison Site Instruction Coordinator 111403.91
Michelle S Peters Teacher, Spec Ed 111403.38
Karla K Smith Teacher, High School 111403.27
Lisa Friend Program Specialist, Special Ed 111392.93
Maria I Govea Principal, Elementary School 111377.68
Mauro Galatolo Teacher, Elementary 111281.99
Karla K Kim Hankins Teacher, Middle School 111273.52
Steven Peterson Teacher, Elementary 111258.15
David R Celeste Teacher, Elementary 111255.83
Jennifer Cook Teacher, High School 111237.53
Sukhbinder K Maharaj Teacher, K-8 111228.42
Vicki H Pike Teacher, Elementary 111223.59
Charles A Beall Teacher, High School 111211.52
Alan D Cox Teacher, Elementary 111197.49
Nicole D Cortez Teacher, Elementary 111187.56
Alicia Chavez Teacher, Elementary 111154.68
Amy R Montez Teacher, Elementary 111149.28
Sally Evey Tchr, Resource, P/Prsch Adult 111054.02
Steven M Boettner Teacher, High School 111040.14
Robert J Batten Teacher, Elementary 111019.14
Ma Judith S Lladoc Teacher, High School 111016.14
Sandia S Gilliam Teacher, Middle School 111009.04
Michael J Fry Assistant Principal, High Sch 111003.93
Angela N Katzakis Principal, Elementary School 110998.74
Garry E Klein Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 110983.9
Domingo F Zungri Teacher, High School 110978.21
Alexis L Koren School Nurse 110943.58
Robert H Berkenkamp Teacher, Adult Ed, Retired Ad 110886.75
Daniel D Harris Teacher, K-8 110886.46
Maria A Lopez School Social Worker 110862.53
Roswitha R Mueller Teacher, Elementary 110842.8
Laurie A Seixas Teacher, K-8 110837.26
Hedda Louie Teacher, Elementary 110779.38
Kaori U Tanamachi Teacher, Elementary 110779.1
Diane Fore Teacher, Elementary 110773.48
Charisse G Tuvilla Teacher, Elementary 110751.01
Gretchen B Viglione Teacher, Elementary 110744.45
Cliff E Iseley Teacher, High School 110742.55
William L Reese Teacher, ROTC 110741.21
Rosario G Ruiz Teacher, Elementary 110722.15
Karen Lim Teacher, Elementary 110693.96
Margaret F Green Teacher, K-8 110673.42
An M Chau Teacher, Elementary 110670.86
Vernelle K Palmer Teacher, Parent/Preschool Ed 110635.44
Julie Hertzig Teacher, Spec Ed 110613.57
Lauri L Mayfield Tchr, Resource, P/Prsch Adult 110553.17
Jeremy C Mac Donald Teacher, K-8 110552.57
Wei S Hu Teacher, High School 110547.63
Pamela J Vickers Teacher, Child Development 110537.3
Andrea D Zarate Teacher, Middle School 110493.07
Alyce L Hammond Teacher, Parent/Preschool Ed 110459.35
Daniel R Maroldy Teacher, K-8 110452.98
Azarel Q Iniguez Teacher, Res, Bilingual, Elem 110441.63
Geoffrey M Melchor Teacher, High School 110428.38
Regina L Lynch Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 110411.99
Steven Clark Teacher, Elementary 110388.53
Kristi Ruddick Teacher, Middle School 110371.75
Lynne D Haney Blake Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 110345.49
Lisa R Guzzi Teacher, Elementary 110325.27
Kalvin E Saelee Teacher, Elementary 110310.03
Jennifer Hodge Teacher, Elementary 110306.82
Mai L Ly Teacher, Elementary 110275.54
John R Castro Teacher, Elementary 110253.01
Shannon Pella Training Specialist 110239.18
Mai T Vang Teacher, Elementary 110227.54
Jerry Kushner Teacher, High School 110219.86
Erik R Knudson Teacher, Elementary 110219.86
Katie L Durham Teacher, High School 110197.23
Bryan R Moreno Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 110195
Caroline Winquest Teacher, Elementary 110192.13
Cathy Katsura Teacher, K-8 110165.94
Danilo S Campos Librarian, High School 110157.32
Barbara J Peyton Teacher, Elementary 110151.35
Elizabeth M Aguirre Site Instruction Coordinator 110087.43
Jenny Brickey Teacher, Elementary 110066.56
Robert W Hanks Teacher, Elementary 110064.54
Anthony J Lea Facilities Project Tech 110019.79
Erin M Pearson Teacher, Middle School 110019.53
William A Mccarty Teacher, ROTC 110001.11
Kyle M Porto Teacher, Elementary 109978.83
Michelle M Gisler Teacher, Elementary 109944.32
Cary T Farley Teacher, High School 109896.09
Brandon M Frink Teacher, Middle School 109850.01
Hoa Vu Teacher, High School 109841.42
Enrique H Flores Principal, Middle School 109833.3
Se Kue Teacher, K-8 109827.41
Diem Hang T Le Teacher, Elementary 109807.1
John C Coey Teacher, High School 109806.59
Vlastimil Krbecek Site Instruction Coordinator 109804.53
Kathy T Gong Teacher, Elementary 109785.5
Diane K Kimoto-Ross Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 109749.63
Pauline Wilson Teacher, Elementary 109748.71
Charnae A Moore Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 109733.5
Mary Hanzlik Teacher, High School 109711.87
Dave J Decker Teacher, Elementary 109631.88
Carol A Mills Counselor, High School 109617.04
Colleen P Devine Teacher, Elementary 109617.03
Ya P Cha Teacher, High School 109613.45
Robert G Peters Teacher, High School 109613.43
Ruth A Cave-Sosa Teacher, High School 109555.34
Doris Reese Coord. Child Devl Programs 109553.68
Mayong L Vangthor Teacher, Elementary 109523.4
Renee F Roberts-Willis Teacher, K-8 109515.66
Kimberly A Polo Teacher, Elementary 109502.52
Jason L Pelletier Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 109501.64
Timothy J Douglas Teacher, High School 109493
Dorothy F Rahman-Martinez Teacher, Elementary 109489.52
Kim A Engstrom Teacher, Elementary 109451.26
Diane R Holt Teacher, Middle School 109364.18
Lara K Hoekstra Teacher, High School 109355.87
Suzanne M Mc Kelvey Teacher, Elementary 109354.7
Mary A Palmer Teacher, Elementary 109346.5
Randy R Kennicutt Teacher, Elementary 109292.78
Shonna Willow Teacher, Elementary 109280.65
Douglas J Wollbrinck Teacher, Middle School 109267.16
Sherry L Milton Teacher, Elementary 109260.23
Darrell S Amerine Teacher, High School 109252.63
Liz J Thomas Teacher, Parent/Preschool Ed 109248.59
Marilyn J Mazzocco Teacher, Elementary 109205.91
Trina L Bautista Teacher, Elementary 109181.97
Matthew Luper Teacher, Elementary 109172.91
Lianne S Moseley Resource Spec Tchr, SE, Elem 109095.6
Kathleen L Ahern Teacher, Elementary 109085.03
Nikki Waldron Teacher, Elementary 109045.56
Patrick M Bohman Coord I Learning Support Srvs 109036.49
Matsa Mar Teacher, Elementary 108983.89
Muong X Choy Teacher, Elementary 108980.09
Vilma Morales Teacher, K-8 108968.44
Sao Vue Teacher, Elementary 108966.58
Todd A Whalen Teacher, High School 108947.82
Mary Q O’Toole Teacher, Elementary 108942.57
Benito D Aleman School Social Worker 108926.08
Devin W Horne Training Specialist 108919.24
Melissa C Cavitt Teacher, Elementary 108902.43
Christopher Pouley Teacher, High School 108887.14
Karen S Furukawa Teacher, Elementary 108843.4
Andrea R Mahoney Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 108839.22
Elett D Ricks-Chambers Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 108837.27
Cherylanne M Bealer-Wynton Teacher, Elementary 108827.27
Oscar Garcia Principal, Elementary School 108826.85
Kathryn A Reeve Teacher, Middle School 108817.86
Robin L Bailes Teacher, Elementary 108800.57
Sharmie L Silva Counselor, Middle School 108773.33
Jacki A Glasper Program Specialist, Special Ed 108756.09
Diane Bovy Teacher, Middle School 108688.12
Linda Wortman Teacher, Elementary 108635.64
Jennifer A Scott Navarrete Teacher, Elementary 108627.4
Lisa K Bettencourt Teacher, Elementary 108624.87
Lisa K Williams Teacher, High School 108610.52
Tiffany E Ballard Assistant Principal, K-8 Sch 108593.58
Joseph R Barnett Teacher, K-8 108587.83
Pamela Maldonado Knox Teacher, Elementary 108567.8
Huong Q Nguyen Teacher, Middle School 108540.97
Timothy D Lindamood Teacher, Spec Ed 108540.97
John S Leaird Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 108516.43
Michael Mitchell Teacher, Elementary 108487.05
Joe K Liow Teacher, K-8 108475.03
Clifford C Collins Teacher, High School 108467.67
Juana M Herrera Teacher, Elementary 108428.24
Jennifer Rogar-Tosney Teacher, High School 108391.12
Michael Maltby Teacher, K-8 108390.32
Robert D Snider Teacher, Elementary 108368.15
Doris L Sterling Teacher, Elementary 108358.45
Jerry D Hicks Teacher, Elementary 108349.81
Emily R Sommer Teacher, High School 108345.12
Scott L Preston Teacher, High School 108286.55
James Jarvis Teacher, Elementary 108253.96
Tara Snyder Teacher, Elementary 108243.53
Nathaniel D Melman Teacher, K-8 108214
Alanna Butterworth Teacher, Elementary 108138.81
Thomas A Sisterson School Psychologist 108114.13
Taisiya Kulbidyuk School Psychologist 108114.13
Laurie Norris Teacher, Elementary 108112.22
Laurie L Polster Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 108096.1
Ken D Lindeman Teacher, Elementary 108095.41
Olimpia Voulgarelis Teacher, Unassigned 108059.85
Norman Frankenberger Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 108049.51
Jill Tammi Teacher, Middle School 108017.38
Jonathan Rudolph Applications Spec III 107994.8
Maryanne C Brown Teacher, Elementary 107976.32
Kirsten Q Tahara Teacher, Elementary 107969
Adrian L Williams Spec II,Youth Development 107946.8
Ramon C Rosales Teacher, Spec Ed 107942.24
Tinh D Hoang Teacher, Elementary 107907.07
Garry M Sheppard Teacher, High School 107889.27
Cristopher K Johnson Teacher, Adult Ed, Retired Ad 107879.08
Marley A Minamide Teacher, Elementary 107860.36
Audrey S Kamilos Counselor, High School 107849.66
Ruth S Lew Teacher, High School 107844.63
James M Tucker Teacher, Elementary 107843.75
Tracy B Hewell-Starnes School Nurse 107777.68
Linda D Hogg-Wood Teacher, Elementary 107775.42
Belinda C Kirk-Lebimoyo Teacher, High School 107742.79
Ramona Howard Teacher, High School 107717.17
Jane P Walton Teacher, K-8 107717.17
Lisa R Yip Teacher, Elementary 107699.45
Don W Compton Supervisor IV, Electrical 107648.31
Janet E Love School Social Worker 107631.16
Timothy C Danielson Teacher, High School 107616.81
Angela J Ackermann-Carter Lang. Speech & Hearing Speclst 107616.81
Karen M Hankin Teacher, High School 107616.81
Fumi Y Tamanaha School Nurse 107591.82
Rosa A Hernandez Teacher, Elementary 107528.89
Barbara A Brooks Teacher, Spec Ed 107516.44
Makaelie M Her Teacher, Elementary 107444.34
Marianne M Stinson Teacher, High School 107395.57
Norberto Martin Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 107388.08
Jaymee A Nazari Teacher, Elementary 107345.04
Narda H Beckman Program Specialist, Special Ed 107335.66
Robin L Jack-Brown Teacher, Parent/Preschool Ed 107311.27
Jody B Cooperman Teacher, Middle School 107282.3
Jennifer S Bacsafra School Nurse 107279.67
Ernesto C Granados Teacher, High School 107240.84
Adolfo Coronado Teacher, Middle School 107240.79
Lynnette G Chertorisky Teacher, Elementary 107219.59
Alannbert G Millendez Teacher, High School 107218.25
Chue Lao Teacher, Elementary 107206.25
Louis J Vanvelzen Teacher, High School 107172
Patrick Q Miguel Teacher, Elementary 107163.03
Richard J Godnick Assistant Principal, High Sch 107160.88
Jeff Curtis Teacher, Elementary 107148.84
Tria Lo Teacher, Elementary 107135.12
Danny S Lee Teacher, K-8 107087.81
Beth R Vander Klay Teacher, K-8 107084.49
Kenneth W Lieberman Teacher, Elementary 107068.79
John H Warren Teacher, High School 107053.79
Mary Struhs Coord I Learning Support Srvs 106998.16
Cheryl A Sutherland Teacher, K-8 106967.18
Kaomee Xiong Teacher, K-8 106907.63
Robin G Miyata Teacher, K-8 106896.73
Bobbi Jo Bowland Teacher, Elementary 106888.35
Angelica M Marchesi Teacher, Elementary 106883.48
Terry B Lee Teacher, Middle School 106865.18
Diana L Hoffmann Teacher, Middle School 106837.03
Jennifer D Jarvis Ysuiza Teacher, Elementary 106815.26
Jennifer A Nakayama Teacher, Traveling Music 106797.87
Bao Moua Assistant Principal, K-8 Sch 106788.99
Tara E Nye Teacher, Elementary 106778.57
Tanisha L Turner Dir II, Compensation & Bnfts 106774.16
Allegra K Smooth Teacher, Elementary 106739.06
Trisha N Jeter Teacher, Elementary 106737.84
Elizabeth A Ameneyro Teacher, Elementary 106703.14
Kathryn A Banks Teacher, Elementary 106693.56
Holly Rogers Program Specialist, Special Ed 106666.55
Julia A Jonas Teacher, High School 106664.84
Janette L Coffing Teacher, Elementary 106664.42
Kimberly H Stowell Teacher, Middle School 106653.84
Julie M Sakai Lang. Speech & Hearing Speclst 106633.27
Aaron K Pollock Teacher, High School 106603.4
Victoria E Benson School Nurse 106599.86
Jeffrey R Bedford Teacher, High School 106585.03
Jesbir K Purewal Teacher, Elementary 106580.62
Elizabeth A Lindemann Teacher, Elementary 106578.7
Roel B Pena Teacher, High School 106538.27
Rachel E Webb School Social Worker 106506.07
Donna G Smith Teacher, Spec Ed 106499.9
Kathrine J Buxton Librarian, Middle School 106471.45
Mary R Deems Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 106458.01
Alex Q Nguyen Teacher, High School 106453.46
Michelle A Irvine Teacher, Elementary 106453.33
Julieann Skvarla Teacher, High School 106434.85
Adrienne De Fazio Teacher, Elementary 106414.39
Patricia C Rinaldi Teacher, Elementary 106405.79
Barbara A Feinberg Kronick Dir III, Integ Hlth & Spt Svcs 106382.79
Jennifer A Wiese Teacher, Elementary 106351.56
Richard Mooradian Teacher, Elementary 106348.52
Pamela A Silva Teacher, K-8 106289.35
Shelley A Freese Teacher, Elementary 106256.81
Pamela Johnson Teacher, Elementary 106249.76
Sean R Abitz Teacher, K-8 106244.64
Robert C Woodbury Teacher, High School 106206.26
Elaine Y Shin Teacher, Elementary 106204.96
Ronda L Renschler Teacher, Elementary 106191.96
Laurisa S Elhai School Nurse 106121.88
Ronald E Hill Transportation Fleet Spclst 106119.17
Stacy A Gale Teacher, Spec Ed 106095.96
David J Maples Teacher, Spec Ed 106095.62
Nichole C Wofford Spec II Student Support Svcs 106089.53
Kelie J Porter Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 106046.91
Regina E Jones Teacher, Elementary 106040.97
Michael R Holt Assistant Principal, Middle Sc 106004.24
William T Cannady Teacher, High School 106001.54
Elizabeth Nakagawa Teacher, K-8 105971.9
Robin Kafouros Teacher, Spec Ed 105921.93
Phillip Howard Teacher, Spec Ed 105903.43
Guy L Ollison Teacher, K-8 105897.43
Elizabeth R Robello Teacher, Elementary 105851.48
Katherine S Craig Teacher, Resource 105824.82
Huong T Pham Teacher, Elementary 105822.98
Jannelle W Rattigan Teacher, K-8 105820.59
Diane D Sharp Teacher, Elementary 105806.78
Victoria L Thomas Teacher, Elementary 105771.99
Cydnie R Steele Teacher, Elementary 105758.51
Jennifer Henry Teacher, Elementary 105749.08
Jenna M Gonsalves Teacher, Elementary 105712.17
Kimberly Hughes Flanagan Counselor, High School 105691.02
Michelle L Kuennen-Apperson Teacher, Elementary 105675.2
Holly N Kosiewicz Teacher, Middle School 105621.41
Andrea M Horgan Teacher, High School 105616.16
William E Green Teacher, High School 105598.14
Pamela S Courtney Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 105581.13
Diana J Otterson Behav Intrvn SP Spec Ed Dept 105558.19
Dawn M Nantz Accountant 105550.89
Sara M Torres Teacher, Elementary 105542.95
Samantha N Holmes Principal, Elementary School 105521.57
Thomas E Shinn Carpenter 105520.75
Trer Vang Teacher, Elementary 105517.6
John R Ousley Teacher, High School 105476.41
Theresa M Demars Teacher, Elementary 105471.89
Hillary J Borrelli Teacher, K-8 105471.56
Jeffery A Bozeman Facilities Project Tech 105454.57
Kent M Fujikawa Teacher, Spec Ed 105451.23
James Aldridge Teacher, K-8 105450.72
Antonio J Villarreal Teacher, High School 105432.12
Tara L Lampkins Site Instruction Coordinator 105427.99
Elizabeth M Moseby Teacher, Elementary 105408
Chance L Peterson Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 105405.1
Dana A Wiest Lang. Speech & Hearing Speclst 105378.32
Phonvilay Kham-Avone Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 105375.18
Rey Isaguirre Teacher, Elementary 105364.83
Valerie C Collins Teacher, Elementary 105315.25
John P Gorman Teacher, Elementary 105298.61
Mary J Young Teacher, Elementary 105295.35
James Eder Assistant Principal, Middle Sc 105264.66
Diana I Flores Supervisor IV, Nutrition 105249.11
Hugo Guinan-Blaney Teacher, Elementary 105202.69
Melanie Zarback Teacher, Elementary 105164.77
Kathy A Dawson Teacher, Elementary 105138.86
Cheryl L Mc Bride Teacher, Elementary 105113.27
Charlene A Fontenot Teacher, Elementary 105076.97
Leslie T Foree Teacher, Elementary 105050.79
Emily S Catlett Counselor, High School 105029.49
Kristin G Saldana Teacher, Resource 104996.73
Justine M Raga Teacher, Middle School 104992.53
Joseph Jacobs Teacher, High School 104971.52
Jake H Hansen HRS Analyst 104907.13
Stacey Willett Teacher, Spec Ed 104903.46
Sara E Pietrowski Coord II, Student Outcomes 104883.05
Melissa Reynoso Teacher, Elementary 104871.78
Beth Lee Teacher, K-8 104849.58
Gerry M Ryan Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 104836.81
Meritt M Freer Teacher, Middle School 104802.61
Paula E Atkinson Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 104800.12
Brian T Gleason Teacher, High School 104768.5
Karen J Warren Teacher, Elementary 104749.41
Scott E Clark Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 104690.58
Stanley Watts Teacher, Child Development 104690.51
David C Varellas Teacher, Middle School 104677.17
Michele C Kirkland Teacher, Middle School 104672.6
Michael Baradat Teacher, Middle School 104622.72
Betty P Lun Teacher, Elementary 104597.78
Angelina Flores Teacher, Elementary 104589.53
Jacqueline N Proudlove Librarian, High School 104570.52
Damian Harmony Teacher, High School 104510.96
James D Leaird Teacher, Elementary 104504.83
Grace F Bartlett Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 104490.58
Gayle Bourtoul Teacher, High School 104489.46
Teresa M Blanchard Teacher, Elementary 104489.22
Celeste E White Teacher, Elementary 104463.99
Nicole Bridgham Teacher, Elementary 104463.14
Carlos Rico Teacher, Elementary 104458.53
Rick W Wanlin Teacher, High School 104424.26
Jamie L Green Teacher, K-8 104372.81
Lynn M Fedoryk Teacher, K-8 104358.45
Alison K Simes Teacher, Elementary 104349.75
Elizabeth A Tindell-Paddock Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 104333.75
Mark E Lyon Teacher, Middle School 104317.17
Shannon R Zavala Teacher, Elementary 104289.6
Sarah J Ferris Teacher, Elementary 104276.24
Francine Stevens Teacher, High School 104197.03
Laura S Harvey Teacher, Elementary 104196.44
Hasan M Mcwhorter Teacher, High School 104147.09
Deborah L Andorf Teacher, Elementary 104145.13
Adrienne C Davis Teacher, Elementary 104138.19
Pedro C Juarez Teacher, High School 104131.59
Megan B Allen Teacher, Elementary 104060
Taylor L Andrew Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 104059.49
Cheryl L Sims Teacher, Elementary 104052.83
Diane S Cornelius Teacher, High School 104050.49
Holly K Conway Teacher, Elementary 104021.61
Brett Limonoff Teacher, High School 103984.86
Laura L Miller Lang. Speech & Hearing Speclst 103968.28
Heather K Deckard Training Specialist, High Sch 103964.18
Rebecca Rauh Teacher, Elementary 103951.11
Andrew T Woodward Teacher, High School 103939.46
Mark C James Teacher, Elementary 103925.36
Erin D Duarte Teacher, Elementary 103895.57
Christopher J Latino Teacher, High School 103870.42
Arcolar R Mckinnon Teacher, K-8 103858.95
Jessica K Kapucinski Teacher, Elementary 103815.22
Steven R Jones Assistant Principal, High Sch 103796.3
Ema I Gluckmann Teacher, High School 103754.8
Katherine M Redcher-Bowling Teacher, Elementary 103754.17
Allison Alair-Saito Teacher, High School 103709.44
Richard T Haley Assistant Principal, Middle Sc 103695.06
Jeannie K Tudesko Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 103679.29
Siphiwe Mashinini-Nigl Teacher, Elementary 103653.85
Marc T Lee Teacher, Middle School 103651.73
Patrick S Hansen Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 103643.06
Jeanine M Rupert Teacher, Elementary 103635.59
Keyshun Marshall-Singleton Coord II,Risk & Disability Mgt 103634.97
Thomas Ryan Teacher, Middle School 103621.46
Katherine I Hull Teacher, High School 103621.46
Robert Diaz Teacher, High School 103619.85
Ana C Yalan Teacher, Spec Ed 103616.74
Toby H Frank School Nurse 103582.22
Henry I Johnson Teacher, High School 103581.47
Gabriele Schoff Teacher, Elementary 103565.52
Gayle M Auge Teacher, Elementary 103557.5
Nicholas Vargas Supv IV, Carpenter 103528.64
Karen T Wong Teacher, Elementary 103512.73
Kenneth K Vang Counselor, High School 103511.69
Chanh J Yip Tek Teacher, Elementary 103511.55
Paula M Turner Teacher, Middle School 103505.46
Matthew P Roberts Teacher, High School 103488.54
Tou Vang Teacher, Elementary 103457.07
Jay J Blockmon Teacher, Middle School 103431.78
Jennie R Reinke Teacher, Elementary 103431.61
Christina Coppola Teacher, Elementary 103423.75
Richard C Remund Supervisor I, Operations 103364.73
Amaya C Weiss Spec II Student Support Svcs 103353.9
Yvette M Acquisto Counselor, High School 103348.29
Colleen A Ridolfi Tchr, Resource, P/Prsch Adult 103285
Maria D Johnson Teacher, Elementary 103270.22
Dawn E Silver Teacher, Elementary 103258.37
Melissa Thurman Counselor, High School Cont. 103252.96
Monica S Dhinsa Teacher, K-8 103239.47
Irina S Lawson Teacher, High School 103232.77
Leslie M Ingram Teacher, Spec Ed 103227.3
Melanie A Bean Training Specialist 103053.45
Clarissa A Ramirez Clsfctn & Compensation Spclst 103019.94
Timothy M Fung Teacher, High School 102984.55
Deana J Mafua-Murphy Teacher, Elementary 102960.47
Shelley A Lawson Teacher, Elementary 102949.33
Heidi L Gaynor Teacher, Middle School 102947.88
Sharon L Leonard Teacher, Elementary 102871.52
Elly Graves Teacher, K-8 102859.34
Margaret E Reyes Teacher, Spec Ed 102856.42
Barry Fallon Teacher, Spec Ed 102837.62
Anita M Warmack Teacher, Parent/Preschool Ad 102820.04
Eugeniu Dobrescu Assistant Principal, High Sch 102775.19
Cindy Bertacchi Teacher, Elementary 102726.87
Martina Gomez Executive Asst-Supt 102713.87
Theresa A Bachman-Tavianini School Social Worker 102670.31
Lisa M Brown Teacher, K-8 102615.55
Kin Do Teacher, Parent/Preschool Ed 102614.83
Jennifer L Crawford Teacher, Elementary 102610.2
Ellen L Clark Teacher, Elementary 102582.73
Richard Simms Teacher, Elementary 102575.87
Douglas M Dopkins Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 102523.22
Rebecca L Cesena Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 102502.62
Mary A Bailey Program Specialist, Special Ed 102472.64
Gabrielle G Stewart School Nurse 102466.44
Barbara J Tigert Teacher, High School 102408.54
Julie L Ketchel Teacher, Elementary 102383.98
Kathleen O Augusta Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 102349.3
Jason Hartin Teacher, Elementary 102321.3
Ruby Toyama Teacher, Elementary 102309.26
Thierry R Spycher Teacher, High School 102307.25
Michael V Troiano Teacher, Elementary 102284.86
Robert G Sisemore Teacher, Spec Ed 102282.94
Melissa L Ferrante Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 102242.7
Pamela J Cajucom Spec II Student Support Svcs 102233.32
Anne Maretti Board Of Education Spclst 102205.09
Kathryn D Krahn Teacher, Elementary 102181.16
Margaret A Gillespie Teacher, K-8 102167.74
Jose R Hernandez Teacher, Resource, Middle Sch 102146.13
Miriam S Goff Teacher, Spec Ed 102140.28
Shannon L Bliss Teacher, Elementary 102138.27
Stephanie J Cook Teacher, High School 102134.09
Fountain Lee Teacher, High School 102124.17
Michael J Reed Teacher, High School 102088.04
Lonnie K Kitzmiller Teacher, Spec Ed 102066.26
Raman K Clar Teacher, Child Development 102040.81
Lynnette Scott Librarian, High School 102010.36
Marie L Mathiesen Teacher, Elementary 101979.87
Kathryn E Brown Supervisor, Special Education 101966.76
Theresa P Ching Teacher, Elementary 101964.97
Kelly A Costello-Toomey Teacher, K-8 101959.64
Laura M Correia Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 101948.88
Judy L Caccamo Teacher, Middle School 101936.69
Katherine Bell Teacher, High School 101923.36
Kieu T Nguyen Teacher, Elementary 101862.66
Marily A Martinez Teacher, Elementary 101853.95
Staci G Di Santis Training Specialist 101824.37
Teresa C Martinez Training Specialist 101758.31
Arabella C Lora Teacher, High School 101713.41
Debra K Vosseler Lang. Speech & Hearing Speclst 101709.1
Lois Demartini-Palermo Lang. Speech & Hearing Speclst 101610.31
Luke Criste Teacher, Middle School 101591.64
Catherine E Hashimoto Teacher, Elementary 101591.46
Tina X Yang Teacher, Elementary 101579.48
Herman E Kwong Teacher, High School 101562.48
Robert Velazquez Teacher, High School 101543.8
Kathryn M Stork Teacher, High School 101532.96
Lisa R Lavy Teacher, Elementary 101457.47
Michael S Mc Doniels Teacher, Elementary 101398.45
Josette Breaux Teacher, Elementary 101393.79
Virginia R Aguirre Teacher, Resource, Special Ed. 101361.12
Kerensa N Delsol Teacher, Elementary 101309.29
Elizabeth Coleman Teacher, High School 101299.38
Ygnacio Zarate Coord II, Student Support Srvc 101266.18
Michael N Shaw Teacher, High School 101253.31
Dawn E Peters Teacher, Spec Ed 101200.09
Philip L Fontenot Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 101195.57
Alison Merlo Teacher, Elementary 101097.05
Catherine A Boulos Teacher, Elementary 101075.16
Ellen C Wong Teacher, High School 101028.36
Janel Morinaga Teacher, Middle School 101014.19
Sylvia Nunez Teacher, Elementary 101010.33
Brian P Perry Teacher, High School 101010.06
Vanessa H Vue Teacher, Elementary 101007.3
Annalisa H Collins Teacher, Elementary 100959.94
Ching Vang Teacher, Elementary 100953.95
Angelia A Brye-Jones Teacher, Elementary 100919.17
Carrie J Hanson Teacher, Elementary 100877.46
Thomas P Manley Teacher, Elementary Spec Subj 100861.7
Kelly M Vargas Teacher, Spec Ed 100836.42
Michael J Andersen Teacher, High School 100822.89
Carl C Johnson Teacher, High School 100809.19
Heather A Wagers School Social Worker 100794.51
Henry Romero Teacher, Middle School 100728.78
Esther Delgadillo Teacher, Elementary 100728.12
Joan A Taylor Teacher, High School 100727.61
Nicole L Baradat Teacher, K-8 100655.19
Jean M Seto Teacher, Elementary 100649.15
Adrian C Kersey Teacher, Middle School 100580.41
Kimberly R Meade Teacher, K-8 100577.54
Suzanne M Womack Teacher, Elementary 100556.04
Rachelle L Gray Teacher, Elementary 100519.67
Deborah G Dodd Teacher, K-8 100491.17
Jason D Burke Behav Intrvn SP Spec Ed Dept 100470.55
Alison O Miller Teacher, Elementary 100469.67
Jonathan M Andrews Teacher, High School 100439.22
Michele M Koehler Teacher, Middle School 100439.02
Araceli Rocha Teacher, Elementary 100402.05
Stacee L Oltmanns Teacher, Middle School 100391.1
Christopher P Morehouse Teacher, Middle School 100373.39
Zolaikha Ahmadzai Teacher, Elementary 100367.5
Christina Mc Carty School Psychologist 100365.86
Sylvia Y Rodriguez Teacher, Elementary 100365.54
Rafael B Perez Teacher, Elementary 100254.62
Maria C Galarza Teacher, Elementary 100232.53
Mitzie Romero Teacher, High School 100215.52
Lawrence C Ferlazzo Teacher, High School 100181.05
Jennifer D Peters Teacher, Middle School 100171.33
Alicia Jaime-Razo Teacher, High School 100145.41
Nathan L Oltmanns Teacher, High School 100134.16

Information from transparentcalifornia.com.

For those who question the above: You may check all of the above information with transparentcalifornia.com (although it’s not as much fun as harassing a taxpayer, especially if you are one of the ones collecting an outrageous, taxpayer-funded paycheck).

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